Users sink teeth into ‘new’ luncheon club

A LUNCHEON club is back on the menu after an 18-month absence – and is proving more popular than ever.

Dozens of people went to the relaunch of the group at Denton’s Victoria Park Community Centre after it was placed on hold because of Covid-19 and the restrictions that came with it.

Yet initial worries were over how many would turn up!

Councillor Vincent Ricci

Ward councillors Denise Ward and Vincent Ricci help out at the luncheon club, along with a number of other volunteers.

And the numbers walking through the door soon eased any concerns they may have had.

Cllr Ricci said: “It’s fabulous to be back, it’s fabulous for the community.


“After the best part of two years away, we were a bit concerned what the turnout would be.

“But it was packed full to the rafters. It was a fabulous turnout. We had even more too as we had 10 takeouts.

“We weren’t worried as such. We just thought the turnout would’ve been a bit quieter than it was. It was so busy!

“People who were there took food home for their tea too. It was fabulous to see them all.”

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