School’s environmental work scoops top award

A DENTON high school has received a top award after its pupils put in sterling work to help the environment.

And its head believes it may have an effect for years and generations to come.

St Thomas More Catholic College was given the CAFOD live simply award after creating things like a nature garden and prayer garden at its Town Lane campus.

As well as that, work on the benefits of things like going cycling rather than driving and going plastic free can bring to the environment convinced the organisation to hand out the prestigious honour.

St Thomas More head boy Kevin, with fellow team members Mia, Maria and Jack with the CAFOD award and head Huw Brophy

To win the livesimply award, they had to show things like encouraging people to walk or cycle to church or school, install solar panels, start recycling schemes, join a climate change campaign, support Fairtrade stalls or donate to a local food bank.

And Mr Huw Brophy believes getting the award can boost pupils now and in the future.

He said: “It’s a big thing for the school to get it. We’re very proud of the work the students and the stewards have done.

“It shows young people do have an eye on the future, do have an eye on some of the problems that gave been created through things like global warming and not having a sustainable way of living.

“They do want to give a little bit back and look towards the future with things like planting trees and creating a prayer garden.

“A lot of the things we’ve done have had a whole school approach. That’s 780 children having an involvement but the real driving force was the stewards team – about 50 children.

“We’ve planted well over 100 trees and some things like that are for the future.

“The young people now who’ve planted things like hawthorn and silver birch won’t necessarily see the benefit.

“They may take 50-100 years to grow to full size but hopefully future generations will see them mature.

“We’re working very hard to make the school as sustainable as possible.

“At lunchtime, we’re trying to reduce the usage of things like single-use plastics – plastic bottles and plastic forks.

“All of that really comes from the students themselves.”

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