Car showroom is right on the money

STALYBRIDGE-BASED car showroom Steve Pearson Car Sales is finding out the personal touch means new stock and sales after bringing what happens online into the real world.

And so far, the results are there for all to see.

The Acres Lane business opted to bring in Steve Pearson Wants Your Car to make sure everyone gets a fair price for their vehicle.

Jack Pearson at the Stalybridge car showroom

No guess work, no estimates before a reassessment, no high figures going lower, just a proper inspection followed by a proper price.

“A lot of people nowadays don’t part-exchange cars and there are a lot of car buying service,” said Jack Pearson, of the showroom.

“But in the grand scheme of things, customers can come in and say, ‘Oh they’ve tried to rip us off.’

“We don’t give you a price on the screen just to get you down there, then give you a completely different price when you do.

“We’re really transparent, we don’t give a price over the phone and we try to give really good money for low mileage cars, that’s what we specialise in.

“We ask the customer to come down, we give you a firm price there on the day and you can either drop it off here or we can collect it from your house.

Steve Pearson car sales in Stalybridge

“We don’t mess about on price.”

Since bringing in the scheme, Steve Pearson’s way of working is proving popular, with many cars on its forecourt having come into them through it.

And the personal touch is having more benefits as Jack added: “It’s just nice to speak to people really.

“It’s proved quite popular already, we get a few phone calls a week and we always try and beat the competition, especially on low mileage cars.

“And the price we give is not conditional on the seller then buying a car from us. Anyone can contact us too. It tends to be local as we have to see the car but we don’t mind going further afield.”

Now coronavirus restrictions have eased, for the time being, Steve Pearson Car Sales is getting back to normal.

But as Jack explained, they did bring their challenges.

He added: “It was difficult. We were allowed to operate online with a click and collect facility and contactless deliveries.

“But a lot of our customers are local people and they like to come in and have a cup of tea or sit in the cars.“We felt the impact but as soon as we could reopen the doors it was great. We had regular customers coming in, just so they could have a brew.

“It’s great to get that bit of normality back.”

• Steve Pearson Car Sales is situated on Acres Lane in Stalybridge and is open Monday-Saturday from 9am until 6pm and on Sunday from 11am until 4pm. You can phone them on 0161 303 1222 or email them at

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