Band gets it together on national show

A DENTON band has hit the national airwaves after being featured on star DJ Chris Moyles’ show.

And members of Not Ned have seen a huge increase in interest since their three minutes of fame.

The group, who play gigs locally, took the chance of sending in EP Good Times for consideration on the ‘Letters’ segment.

Not Ned

And on Tuesday, September 14, the gamble paid off, to huge recognition – with even singer Steve Lee being contacted by his son’s school to say they had heard!

Paul ‘Taff’ Macey of the band said: “My phone went nuts all day.

“It started at 7.30am when a friend of mine messaged me saying, ‘I’ve just been listening to Chris Moyles.’

“Steve’s wife even rang me as she was excited and could not get hold of him. So she tried me.

“The idea came about three weeks beforehand because if the name of our EP, Good Times, and coming out of lockdown.

“And all it was was to get as many people as we can listening to our stuff. We’ve invested time and money into it and it’s just four minutes of people’s lives to listen to a song.

“The worst thing that could happen is you’ve lost four minutes of your life.

“We also had orange sunglasses made to go with the EP. We had 100 CDs and 100 sunglasses made. I originally sent out about 40.”

Formed in 2008 in a local pub in Denton, Not Ned consists of Steve, drummer Paul and bassist Chris Tollett.

And they all met through working in the baking industry – Chris and Steve at Nelstrop’s flour mill in Stockport as bakers and Paul in the mill itself.

Good Times is their latest four track EP, which was recorded at Through The Roof Recording Studios in Salford with Andy Dazzler.

The group has also recorded a Christmas single called Have Yourself a good Christmas Time for release later in the year.

Taff added: “We had a lot of stuff in the pipeline but this kickstarted it all. This brought quite high profile exposure.

“And people thought, ‘I remember them.’

“We’ve also played a gig for a promoter who’s offered us three high profile gigs. Considering where we were the night before, things came on well.”

Steve added: “As an unsigned band, it’s so hard to get solicited. No-one wants unsolicited material.

We’re desperate to get some management now.”

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