Danny forced to ‘think outside the box’ when boxing business was given knockout blow

DANNY Hornsby was forced to box clever when the Covid-19 pandemic decimated his sporting business.

The former professional boxer, who ran the successful Little Rockys sessions in more than 40 schools, was left high and dry.

Danny, who also put on white-collar boxing events, saw his business grind to a halt as he was left with no income.

Boxers at Sofa Superstore first birthday

He had to look for alternative employment which came in the form of going into business partnership and opening Sofa Superstore, a factory outlet at Crown Point North.

Danny, who lives on Mottram Rise, Stalybridge, said: “I had to think outside the box as I had bills to pay.

“If somebody said to me last February (2020) I would be selling sofas and beds, I would have laughed at them.”

And to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of Sofa Superstore, Danny invited along some of his boxing pals.

He was joined by professional boxers Campbell Hatton, son of Ricky and a rising star in boxing and Billy Denning along with former pro Matthew Hatton, who trains Campbell and Hattersley pro Luke Evans from his gym in Stockport.

Now that schools are back to normal, Danny has resumed his Little Rockys sessions while his other boxing work is also restarting.


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