Carnival back on the calendar

ANDREW Gwynne has faced many things in his political career – but doing the Time Warp at Denton Carnival was a new one!

But as the MP states, it is ‘the home of happiness.’

Local lad Andrew was on hand as president of the town’s carnival committee as a scaled down version of the annual event made its comeback after the Covid-19 pandemic meant it was not held at all last year.

He also found himself doing the iconic dance from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, set in the American town of Denton and featuring a billboard saying, ‘Denton: The Home of Happiness,’ in Victoria Park.

He was ably assisted by Cllr George Jones and had a very keen spectator in young grandson Lyle.

But just being able to take part on a carnival again was enough as Mr Gwynne told The Correspondent: “Myself, my wife Allison and Cllr Claire Reid went to see Rocky Horror recently and we had t-shirts made saying, ‘Denton: The Home of Happiness.’

“Getting the carnival back on is a big thing. It’s a shame Covid-19 meant it couldn’t happen last year. This year’s was very different in that there wasn’t a parade.

Andrew Gwynne MP and Cllr George Jones taking part in the ‘Time Warp’

“Hopefully that will be back next year but it was just great to get people into the town centre enjoying themselves.

“It was great to show off what Denton does have and all the great groups around the town get involved. There’s so much going on here.”

As well as showing off his moves, Andrew did his ceremonial role on Victoria Park’s bandstand after Denton Brass entertained people.

He also made a presentation to Margaret and Andy Williams, whose hard work had seen previous carnivals prosper before handing over to new organiser Lucy Gibson.

In a speech, he said: “It’s great to be back after the 18 months we’ve had. One of the best parts of my job is being president of the carnival committee.

“And the best events down are to lot of hard work, from two people in particular, Margaret and Andy.”

Victoria Park buzzed to the sound of go karts, brass band music and people buying things from several stalls.

Andrew also landed another role on the neighbouring bowling green as he was presented with his own Denton Park Social Bowling Club shirt when he took on the role of honorary president.

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