Tameside Captured: looking through your lens

AUTUMN may be on the horizon, with the occasional chill in the air, but that means Tameside’s beauty will be seem in even more vivid colours.

And Correspondent readers have not disappointed with this month’s selection of photos.

This month’s star image, and a £20 prize, goes to Mark Buchan Jones’ sensational image of a swan on the water as mist came off the surface.

Mark Buchan Jones – STAR IMAGE captured at Daisy Nook

Animals also feature in Gary Taylor’s photo of a cheeky-looking horse close to Hartshead Pike.

As well as the fauna, the flora also featured heavily in images, as caught by Lesley Hallows, Nails Bogi, Helen Blanchard and Claire Elliott.

Boats also provide great images for Hazel Greatorex Ripley and Gary Whittaker, while there are no prizes for guessing where Andrew Rudder snapped a brilliantly red sunset.

• If you want to contribute to Tameside Captured, you can either email photos as a JPEG attachment to gary@localcommunications.co.uk

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