Cosmo Bingo reveals refurbishment

THE popular Cosmo Bingo Club in Stalybridge has not been sleeping during the recent Covid-19 lockdowns as the club’s new owners took the opportunity to invest a significant sum of money into a refurbishment of the facilities.

The results are outstanding, with members now treated to a completely different venue fit for the modern era of entertainment that a new bingo club can offer.

The spacious entrance area sets the scene as the blue LED themed décor creates a feeling of something new and exciting.
Multiple TV monitors show a mixture of Sky Sports programmes, in-club promotions and members’ information channels.

Players can experience the very latest Bingo Bee tablets for bringing the whole bingo game into the present.

On these electronic devices you can play all the various styles of bingo and even let the device mark off the numbers – all you need to do is shout ‘winner’ when your lucky numbers come out.

These Bingo Bees also allow players to order drinks from the comfort of their seats and even play a gaming machine while sat there too.The Cosmo has invested in the very latest new gaming machines for players to enjoy, including the very popular Rainbow Riches Community three-player sit down game.

The Gaming Machine room is a big feature of the new design and the luxury comfort this room offers is proving a big hit with players.

The club is also really pleased to offer a new Smart Lounge, where the traditional silent game of bingo is blown away and you can chat, listen to music or watch the TV when the bingo numbers are being called. This is a great room for parties and celebrating with family and friends.

There is a new licensed bar which primarily looks after the Smart lounge and later evening customers who like to linger after the bingo has finished to enjoy a natter with friends, use the Gaming Machines or enjoy an after session theme nights.

Both the new and original bars are fitted with the latest Green Pint cellar technology (

The more traditional main hall has undergone a complete LED lighting change, making for a much brighter experience and there are more improvements on the drawing board.

Players can win as much as £50,000 on the National Bingo Game – as one members has recently done!

This prize could be won any afternoon or evening as a jackpot on one of the best games each session.

There are more opportunities to win prizes in the thousands of pounds when the Cosmo links up with other bingo clubs to generate great prize money. In-club prize money is always great value too with Big Money ranging from £100 to £1,000 across the week.

Bingo is fun, entertaining and a sense of togetherness. It is as popular as ever with every generation, although you do have to be aged 18 or over.

Membership is free and you can join and play straight away. Just allow an extra five minutes before advertised start times to complete a very short application form. (Members aged 18-25 will have to provide valid ID, such as driver’s licence, passport or citizen card).

The club is from 11am until the next morning at 12.3am.

Prices start from as little as £10 all in for paper and £18 for Bingo Bees.
• noon – Complementary Cashpot Link Game
• 1pm – Complementary Early Link Session
• 1.30pm – Main Session (From September the main session ends around 2.50pm)
• 6.15pm – Complementary Cashpot Link Game
• 7pm – Complementary Early Link Session
• 7.45pm – Main Session (ends around 9.15pm)
• 12 midnight – Bar Closes
• 12.30am – Club closes.

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