Great yarns being told in Haughton Green

HAUGHTON Green has found itself at the centre of a bomb explosion – but nothing was damaged.

For this particular incident saw a spate of yarnbombing.

Things were improved with the addition of Gloria Gladrags, a teddy bear’s picnic, figures, bunting and all kinds of ornaments.

Even a post box did not escape as a decorative topper sat on top of it.

Debbie Prince with some of the knitted pieces in Haughton Green

The yarnbombing, which appeared at the beginning of the month, was the result of weeks of hard work put in by members of Haughton Green Craft Club – and they did not just come from the village.

Some of the 500 online pals come from Droylsden, Stalybridge and even further afield.

Their appearance was largely down to the work of Debbie Prince, who often packs her car boot with dozens of knitted or crocheted additions.

And there was more to come.

“We just wanted to brighten up the village,” Debbie told The Correspondent.

“Everyone’s been so grumpy with all the Covid and everything else. We just wanted to give the kids something to look at and maybe inspire people to craft.

“Some new members who had just joined helped out, we had older members contribute and even members who do not attend our meetings but knit and craft have donated.

“It’s been brilliant. We’ve had people from all over the area add to them.

“The teddy bear’s picnic came from a member we have in Stalybridge and the post box topper was done by my mum Sue – I helped with some of the flowers on there!

“The idea was born in June. I was on holiday in Sutton on Sea in Lincolnshire and saw a post box topper featuring starfish and other things you’d find under the sea.

“I loved it and thought, ‘I wonder if anyone else does this?’ So I had a look online and they do – apparently in Rhyl, every post box has a topper.

“And I thought, ‘We could do this. We’ve a lovely little village and a great craft club, so why not?’”

The items in place certainly added more to the village green, Haughton Green Centre and other parts of the area.

Just seeing Gloria Gladrags against a tree proved a hit, especially among younger members of the community.

And Debbie admitted her instructions when she had the idea were not exactly specific.

She added: “I said, ‘Just create. Bunting, teddies, blankets, anything.’

“But then after coming up with the idea, I gave a timescale. I thought, ‘Let’s do August. The kids are off school, they can take selfies. It’ll be fun for everyone.’

“How long it took to make them depends on how fast you are at the craft. What can take someone 30 minutes can take someone else three days.

“And there was always more to add. I did it in phases – it wasn’t supposed to be!”

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