Liam becomes marathon man after dramatic weight loss

A HYDE man has raised £450 for Purple Heart Wishes after taking part in a charity marathon.

Liam Mellon devised a 26.2-mile route through Tameside to help the charity that helps grant wishes to people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness in their early adult life.

The 34-year-old become aware of the charity which has been adopted by BNI Masters (Stalybridge) which is part of the world’s leading business networking and referral organisation.

What makes Liam’s achievement extra special is that he is half the man he once was.

Liam Mellon before his weight loss
Six years ago Liam, who has just taken over a estate agent franchise for EweMove, topped the scales at more than 24 stones.

“I don’t know the exact figure as the scales didn’t register beyond 24 stones,” he explained.

Over the next four years, Liam gradually halved his body weight through a combination of diet and exercise.

“I have not eaten chocolate for the last six years and also cut out things like burgers,” he continued.Liam, who until recently ran three Vodafone franchises in Hyde, Ashton and Buxton, said: “I used to laugh when I saw people running and told them to catch the bus.

“I couldn’t run around the block to begin with. I entered a 10K in Manchester and that gave me something to work towards as it was for charity,” he said.

Liam, who also cycles, estimates he has run about 30 marathons over the last couple of years since his dramatic weight loss and even completed an ultra-marathon between Manchester and Blackpool and the Tour of Tameside four times.

“I have found exercise addictive and, once I have completed a run, want to do another,” he said.
For his latest run, it was solo which he admitted was tough.

He said: “I was not looking forward to doing it on the day.

“After 11 miles I felt dead so diverted to my wife Leanne’s café (Frankies Sandwich Bar) in Denton and had a coffee which gave me encouragement to complete it.”

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