Summer school a success

MOSSLEY Hollins welcomed its next batch of pupils into its environment with a summer school that was a smash hit.

But it was not all about diving around on inflatable obstacle courses and sliding down what turned out to be a soaking wet slope.

The week also gave the Year Six primary pupils who will start there in early September a glimpse of what to expect academically.

And while it was all smiles, staff and children got what they wanted from it.

Mossley Hollins’ Head of Music, Steve Beardmore, said: “The school was given funding by the Government to run a summer school because the past two academic years have been so disrupted by Covid-19.

“So this enabled kids, some of whom may need some more support, to make preparations for starting at a new school.

“It gave them an experience of what life is like at secondary school. Normally, there are programs involving parents but we couldn’t do all that.

“We put a transition program on our website but obviously it was all online. So the idea of the summer school was they could actually get support in readiness and preparation.

“From the Monday to the Thursday, they were given a daily timetable with English, Maths, Spanish and Sport lessons.

“Then on the Friday, that was a reward day for them at the end of the week.

“And the feedback from the kids, as well as the parents, has been good as some of the children were quite anxious at the thought of coming in without a transition program.

“This meant they could feel supported by the end of the week and feel, ‘Right, I’m ready to go now for September.’

“It helped them get to know each other as well.”

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