Long goodbye after 31 years

AN integral part of Mossley Hollins High School will have a new face after a popular member of staff retired after 31 years.

Cheryl Beardmore took away many memories – and a husband – as she said goodbye to the establishment she joined as an office junior in 1990.

Things have changed, not least the building the school is housed in, along with the role she played.
But one thing remained constant throughout – her love of the job.

Cheryl, who was office manager with the official title of senior leadership (people), has one overriding standout from her time at Huddersfield Road – head of music Steve!

Cheryl Beardmore

She said: “The biggest thing that sticks out is I met my husband here!

“Steve was music teacher. I was working in the office when we married. Now I’ve got two children – if it wasn’t for this job, we’d have never met.

“I’ve had so many great times. One thing that sticks out is Mossley Hollins is a community school, so I’ve seen the second generation of kids who were here when I first came here come through – sometimes even the third.

“And people remember you, the nice thing is getting to know the kids, seeing them as adults and the successes they’ve become. We still see a lot of them and we still chat.

“It’s a really warm, lovely place to work.”

Cheryl, 55, progressed to secretary, senior secretary, administration manager, personnel manager before eventually ending as director of human resources across both Mossley Hollins and Droylsden Academy.

Not only has the title changed, the responsibilities of a non-teaching role have too.

She added: “When you look back, 31 years is a lifetime. Some of the teachers we’re employing now are not that age.

“I’ve always had a keen interest in upping the profile of support staff.

“When I first started it was the ideal little job for someone who was a mother with children. The demands on staff now are so much. What support staff do now to back teaching and learning is amazing.

“It’s unrecognisable to how it used to be – it used to be a bit of typing. Now support staff organise events and everything.

“It’s changed but the basic principles are the same. You get the kids in, you give them the best experience they can get and provide them with as many to move on to the next stage.”

Now she has retired, Cheryl hopes to spend time formulating plans for how she will spend her time.
Getting involved in the community in nearby Grotton is on her list.

She said: “I’m happy to stop being mad and have a slower pace of life and get involved in the things I really want to get involved in.

“I want to do some volunteering. I want to get involved in the community.”

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