Asbestos drives up the cost of school demolition

THE discovery of asbestos caused the cost of demolishing a former Denton secondary school to rise by £60,000.

Work to bring down what was Two Trees High School, on Two Trees Lane, Haughton Green, was hampered after a break in at the site exposed the potentially harmful dust.

As such, an environmental clean had to be conducted before workmen could resume. Now the financial impact has been revealed.

The former Two Trees High School

Even though the work was completed in June, a three-week delay was needed after the previously unknown presence of the substance was unearthed.

A report to Tameside Council’s strategic planning and capital monitoring panel stated: “The area in question was contaminated by asbestos dust after a break in.

“The area could not be properly surveyed until after an environmental clean. The cost of the additional asbestos removal is £60,000.

“It is proposed that a budget of £60,000 be allocated to the scheme.

“The asbestos must be removed in order to complete the demolition scheme and achieve the full amount of Greater Manchester Combined Authority grant funding allocated to this scheme.”

Two Trees High School was closed in 2012 when it was replaced by Denton Community College on the other side of the town.

At the panel’s meeting on Monday, July 5, Paul Smith of Tameside Council told how the clearance of the site had been completed.

He said: “We had additional asbestos with areas that couldn’t be surveyed because intruders had been in and disrupted everything.

“The Two Trees site work has actually finished with a handover in the next week, the actual site’s been cleared.”

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