Hospital launches investigation after patient with carer is thrown out of A&E

AN Ashton man has lodged an official complaint after claiming he was thrown out of the accident and emergency department at Tameside Hospital because he was accompanied by a carer.

Chris Walker, 37, who added other patients with carers were also ejected, has aired his grievances to the hospital’s PALS (Patient Advisory Liaison Service).

He added he would not have been accompanied by carer Diane Williams, which costs him £18 an hour, had he not required help.

Tameside Hospital

“I am disabled and rely on carers, though my disability is invisible,” explained Chris who has PTSD, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia and suffers with issues with his auto-immune system.

Chris, who says he has been waiting for surgery for six years, went to A&E because he was in severe pain.

He said: “I was aware of the restrictions because of Covid-19 but I needed a carer to be with me so rang the hospital and explained the situation and they told me it was not a problem.

“After checking into A&E and sitting down, a female member of staff came over to me and told me I didn’t need a carer and I was a liar.

“She called security who came and, without asking any questions, told us we had to leave.

“I even tried to show them my phone which showed I had called A&E half an hour before I arrived, but they would not listen.

“The woman was on a mission to remove everyone with a carer which I found appalling that she prevented me from having treatment I needed.

“I was being discriminated on how I looked and because I was not in a wheelchair – sometimes I need one. I am also a blue badge holder, and they are not given out lightly.”

Chris went to his GP who referred him back to A&E saying he needed urgent treatment.

He has since contacted PALS at Tameside Hospital and his local councillor Dan Costello who is also taking up the case on his behalf.

Cllr Costello said: “I was not privy to Chris’ conversations on the day.

“However, I managed to get his carer verified with the hospital to ensure this does not happen again when he returns.

“It is important if Chris needs a carer to be able to attend, that he is accompanied by one.

“He has a new appointment, and it is important he gets the treatment he needs.”

A spokesman from the Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust said:

“We were sorry to hear the issues Mr Walker experienced when he visited our emergency department recently. We have spoken to Mr Walker about his concerns and have begun an investigation to fully understand the situation.”

6 Replies to “Hospital launches investigation after patient with carer is thrown out of A&E”

  1. It’s disgusting how disabled people get kicked out of hospital cos they have a career with them
    People are to quick to judge others these days
    I’m disabled myself I use a white walking stick cos of my nerves plus I’m registered blind but because people only click that people with eye problems use a white cane or an assistant dog they think I’ve just painted my stick white its a joke
    Discrimination against people with disabilities these days its a joke
    NOT ALL DISABILITIES ARE VISABLE and people need keep that in mind

  2. If his problem was an accident or emergency why was he able to ring half an hour before ? And why does he now have an ‘appointment ‘ quite odd …

  3. I attended with my mother inlaw who has dementia,staff tried to say I could not stay I said she needs someone with her it was allowed,I needed someone with me for something and they made my husband go and sit in costa, I also attended with a friend who needed help and how we was spoke to was dreadful,even the walk in centre was trying to get a 13 year old to wait for her mum outside and her mum refused for her to do that,staff are so very rude and not polite

  4. The same happened to me and my wife who is my carer ,she was told she hade to leave ,I bet it was the same woman ,the staff are bad .

  5. Did this with my fella few weeks ago at tameside hrs deaf also an can only wear an earing aid in 1 ear so he never heard them shout him. I rang to see if he was OK at 2.30pm after he arrived at 11am and they said he didn’t hear them shout him so they should have signed him back in then but no they never did I had no way to speak to him as he Dosnt own a mobile phone so they didn’t sign him back in till 4.30pm he was there full 12 hours waiting to then be shouted at by the doc saying it wasn’t an emergency they took bloods that came back negative for an infection that we knew he had. He couldn’t get to speak to his doc for 3 days after who then sent him straight back bloods took again and hey presto he had an infection. No point in saving the NHS when we not allowed To go it’s diabolical how they letting people die they should all be done for murder.

  6. People make judgement errors.. For which an apology should be given to the people affected. But to say the NHS are murderers.? Wonder if Tracey potts will say this if she or a member of her family ever have the misfortune to have a life threatening injury and are rushed to hospital and their life is saved by the wonderful NHS. People are far to quick to call the NHS… They saved my life and for that I will be eternally grateful… Because without these amazing people.. I wouldn’t be here.

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