Developer buys home to provide new access to Brookfields site

A DEVELOPER’S determination to push ahead with the controversial Brookfields development in Mossley has been uncovered by a local councillor.

Councillor Tafheen Sharif has discovered buried in the paperwork submitted by Clements Court Properties’ appeal to the Planning Inspectorate the fact the developer has bought a home on Egerton Street and adjoining land to provide a new access.

Brookfields, Mossley

The Southend-on-Sea developer, who wants to build 21 four and five-bedroomed homes on the green lung in the heart of Mossley, has also proposed a temporary construction access from Stamford Road.

Cllr Sharif, in her submission to the Planning Inspectorate, said: “I have noted that on page 146 of the appellant’s appeal, relevant and new information has been put in, namely a new access point through the purchase of a home on Egerton Street and adjoining land.“I am further informed and am awaiting to see the deeds which show that this is common land, with has a public right of way which members of the public have been using for years.

A plan of the proposed development in Mossley

“This did not form part of the original application. My view is that this is unreasonable and the appeal should therefore be dismissed or withdrawn.

“I am of the opinion that the appeal must be determined by yourselves as the Planning Inspectorate on the basis of the planning submission, and not such alternative proposals.

“No assessment by the local planning authority has been undertaken on an alternative access arrangement and this would not be fair or reasonable, particularly given the potential impact upon immediate properties and users of the public footpath.

“Further, affected residents inform me that apart from one resident residing at 22 Egerton Street, no one in the vicinity has been notified of the appeal, despite objecting to the application previously.
“These residents are directly and negatively affected by the new proposal, as well as the development of the Brookfields site.”

Cllr Sharif, who spoke previously on behalf of resident at Tameside Council’s speakers’ panel (planning) when the proposal was thrown out, added she was aware the developer has submitted a new planning application to Tameside Council for Brookfields.

She continued: “We are waiting for this to be validated, to then be given notice, and see what the next challenge holds for us.

“Despite this, we will continue to fight off any build that is not fit, and unreasonable.

“For me, I maintain that Brookfields is one of the most concerning proposed developments I have come across in Mossley and will do what we can to continue to oppose it.”

Councillors and campaigners celebrate the outcome at the last appeal meeting

Brookfields was on the agenda at the latest meeting of Mossley Town Council where councillors reaffirmed their opposition.

Councillor Stephen Homer said: “We should as forcibly as we can reiterate our belief that access from Carrhill Road and Mill Lane is not viable for plant and machinery.

“In the planning documents it suggested Tameside Council had agreed to lease land off Stamford Road to access Brookfields, but that was not the case.”

Town council chair Cllr Frank Travis added nothing had changed and they opposed the development for the reasons previously given.

These objections are echoed by residents who do not want to lose the green open space and have concerns over access to the site, traffic issues for Carrhill Road, Mill Lane, Archer Street, Vernon Street and Spring Street, and possible flooding.

The application was first submitted in June 2019 but was opposed by councillors and referred to the speakers’ panel (planning) where it was thrown out.

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  1. Just proves how far they are willing to go buying a property to demolish so they can use for access road .bet that was the quickest sale ever done but how many more are they willing to buy. Outrageous behaviour .this will be given permission by the council because they dont care about communitys anymore just look at the land they have just sold in hattersley for a £1 its better for us in the long run (thats what they say).we all complain but we still vote them in nothing will change the next lot will be the same but with alot less to sell mossley needs drs.dentists. and a community not more PRIVATE HOUSEs tameside listen to your voters give them what they want not your pocket.

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