‘Eyesore’ former care home to be developed

A FORMER Mossley care home will be demolished 14 homes built on its site, even though plans were described as ’unimaginative’ and sparked fears of overdevelopment.

Jonathan Grange on Micklehurst Road was described as an ‘eyesore’ after being hut by graffiti and vandalism as it stood empty.

Now a planning application to knock it down and build 14 semi-detached properties has been given the go ahead by Tameside Council.

Jonathan Grange Care Home on Micklehurst Road

That is despite fears from Councillors Stephen Homer and Taf Sharif, as well as Mossley Town Council, that too many properties are being fitted in.

The town council added it ‘considers the size, design and density of the proposed units unimaginative.’

Councillor Homer told a meeting of Tameside Council’s speakers’ panel (planning) committee:

“We’re not against the development of this site in principle as it has been left by the owner for many years an eyesore that attracts vandalism and anti-social behaviour, leading to misery for many local residents.

“Knocking it down and redeveloping the land would be welcome. However, we do have some concerns.“The development shows Marle Avenue/Marle Rise as an access point to the site where there is perfectly good access off Micklehurst Road.

“We think this development should be accessed off Micklehurst Road and not an extension of Marle Rise, which would lead to the removal of a turning point and disrupt the residents unnecessarily.

“This development would also see the removal of a turning circle on Duke Street, meaning the established residents will, either have to reverse into or out off the street, which is not going to be easy with the amount of cars that park near the entrance of then street. It can be quite blind.

“We consider the size, design and density of units is an over development.”

One resident who objected added it would be, ‘absolutely barmy to have Marle Avenue and Marle Rise used as access to the site’.

Despite those concerns, a majority of councillors voted to accept the scheme by Middleton-based Rayton Ltd.

However, it can only go ahead if it fulfils a Section 106 agreement which states it must pay £10,967 Highways – £10,967.97 for upgrades and improvements to signage and footpaths from the development to Mossley Hollins High School.

It must also meet the £8,845 cost of infrastructure improvements to green space in Mossley and in particular the Roaches area.

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  1. Parking in the area is already saturated – what about existing residents who have nowhere to park as it is ? It is disgusting that it is being allowed.

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