Councillor calls for end to gas cannisters use and fly-tipping in Audenshaw

HUNDREDS of gas cannisters and more than six bags worth of rubbish were collected as volunteers and local councillors teamed up for a litter pick in Audenshaw.

‘Team Audenshaw’ spent their Saturday morning collected rubbish near Audenshaw Primary School, the Old Blue Pig and the Lumb Lane underpass.

Litter picking Audenshaw – Cllr Oliver Ryan with discarded cannisters

They filled six bags of rubbish and were particularly annoyed to find a large number of gas cannisters, used as a recreational drug, around the streets.

Audenshaw councillors Oliver Ryan, Teresa Smith and Charlotte Martin are leading the charge in the area to keep the streets clean all year round.

Cllr Ryan said: “Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help. We’ll be heading out regularly through the year and covering as many of our local ‘grot spots’ as we can.

“Gas cannisters are an epidemic on our streets and we cleared hundreds of them on Saturday.

“My message is clear – stop using them, stop dumping them and stop fly-tipping in Audenshaw. If we catch you, we will fine you to the fullest extent of the law.”

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