Home defeat to Wolverhampton a ‘Wake-Up Call’ for Belle Vue

MARK Lemon has described Belle Vue’s 40-50 home defeat to Wolverhampton as “a wake-up” call after the BikeRight Aces struggled for speed at the National Speedway Stadium. 

It was a tense stand-off in Manchester when the two sides locked horns with neither willing to budge, reeling off a succession of tied heats and scores throughout the night.

Dan Bewley (Red) leads Ryan Douglas (Yellow), Nick Morris (White) and Tom Brennan (Blue) (Credit: Ian Charles | MI News)

As soon as one team gained a foothold, the other would respond to negate the advantage of the other, but it was the Parrys International Wolves who eventually took charge.

Three successive 5-1s in their favour, followed by a 4-2, put them 10 points in front with one heat remaining, leaving the BikeRight Aces only to claw back some pride.

Charles Wright secured the heat win in Heat 15 but his team partner Dan Bewley was unable to join him leaving the visitors to walk away with four league points.

Bewley, who bagged a paid eight on the night, said: “It was a tough night for everyone. We got off to a decent start and we kept things very close to begin with but we just got beaten by the better team.

“It was disappointing, this is the first time we’ve dropped points this year and the last place we can afford to be doing that is at home.

“I personally didn’t feel like I had as much speed as usual. I had a few practice laps after the meeting so hopefully I’ll have that sorted for Monday.

“It was definitely a wake-up call for us. We were doing our absolute best but Wolves were very strong and they came good when they needed to while we seemed to go backwards.

“We’ve got a couple of days now to regroup. There’s no excuse for losing at home but we have learned a few things from this meeting so we will be looking to come back stronger at Peterborough.”

Brady Kurtz (Red) cuts past Ryan Douglas (Yellow) (Credit: Ian Charles | MI News)

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Belle Vue ‘BikeRight’ Aces 40: Charles Wright 10+1, Jye Etheridge 10, Dan Bewley 7+1, Brady Kurtz 6+1, Steve Worrall 3, Richie Worrall 2+2, Tom Brennan 2+1

Wolverhampton ‘Parrys International’ Wolves 50: Sam Masters 13+1, Luke Becker 9+2, Rory Schlein 9+1, Broc Nicol 8, Ryan Douglas 7+1, Nick Morris 4+1, Jack Smith 0

Premiership Points: Belle Vue 0 Wolverhampton 4 

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