Cubans in Tameside call for end to sanctions

THE local Cuban community and its supporters took to the streets of Tameside on Saturday, June 19 with a motor cavalcade to draw attention to the plight of people in their homeland.

It was organised by the Manchester branch of Cuban Solidarity Campaign ahead of Cuba presenting a motion to the United Nations to lift United States sanctions imposed 60 years ago following the Cuban missile crisis.

At the end of the cavalcade at The Sportsman

And it was part of a global weekend of action against ‘draconian sanctions placed on the country and to demand an end to the US embargo and all restrictions against the island’.

The cavalcade assembled on the car park at Morrisons, Hyde, next to The Sportsman pub where Cuban Belen Romero in licensee.

Belen’s sister Maria Cangui Romero said: “The situation in my country is getting worse. It is affecting the education of children and there are food shortages.

The local Cuban community

“Things became worse after the collapse of the Soviet Union as they had supported Cuba.

“Donald Trump applied more economic sanctions and it has become worse than ever. Added to that has been the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Cubans are like boxers trapped on the ropes with hands tied behind their backs.”

Maria has three sisters, nieces and nephews still living in Cuba.

Peter Clifford, from the Manchester branch of the Cuban Solidarity Campaign, added: “Cubans here and around the world are struggling to get money to their families after the United States closed the Western Union bank in Cuba.

“The way US sanctions work is that if other countries trade with Cuba, America will fine them.
“The US has driven sanctions and all other nations are drawn into it.”

Those taking part in the event, which was followed by a barbecue at The Sportsman, raised £200 for medical supplies which are needed in Cuba and are hard to get because of the embargo.

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