Henry’s Hoard is treasure trove of gifts and crafts

RETIRED nurse Debra Kays has her 10-year-old granddaughter to thank for inspiring a change of career.

The seeds were sewn while Debra was teaching Nancy craft skills during lockdown.

Debra Kays outside her new Mossley shop

And that culminated in Carrbrook-raised Debra opening Henry’s Hoard, a gift shop at 171 Manchester Road, Mossley, in mid-April.

The former health and beauty shop is an Aladdin’s cave with handcrafted items, giftware, cards, party balloons and vintage furniture for sale or, as Debra said, it has a ‘bit of everything’.

And there is also a focus of promoting home-produced craftwork as Debra creates bottles and slatework, friend Nicola Clarke slatework, niece Beth Oldham wire words while granddaughter Nancy also helps produces items.

“We bring in crafts from local crafters and try to help promote other crafters as well,” explained Debra.Debra added the feedback received has been positive, saying: “People have told me the shop just what Mossley needs with prices affordable.

“We need to attract more people locally rather than them going to high street shopping centres.”

Debra, in fact, also helped set-up Nancy’s Nest, another gift shop, in Glossop in December.

That is run by Debra’s daughter-in-law Rebecca Kays and is a franchise for frenchic paints and, apart from giftware, also rents out children’s teepees for themed parties.

The two shops are named after Debra’s grandchildren Nancy and Henry, 6, to their delight.

Debra, who spent 44 years in nursing, admitted it was a huge leap of faith to open the two new shops during lockdown.

But it is one which had paid off with business brisk at the longer-established Nancy’s Nest and trade increasing well in Mossley.

Debra, who lives in Ashton, said: “I was retired and carrying out craftwork with Nancy which gave me something to do during lockdown.

“When I started out, I never imagined it would balloon into having shops in Mossley and Glossop.”

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