Community group Skids along to great things

A COMMUNITY group is living life on Skid row – and could not be happier.

After being unable to hold craft club sessions because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the people behind them at Carrbrook Community Hub thought on their feet.

When restrictions eased allowing outdoor sessions, the Carrbrook Crafty Skids were born – and they have already made a mark.

For close to the Raja Bros store on Huddersfield Road, an area was turned into a small garden with tomato plants, herbs and other plants.

Carrbrook crafty skids club

It is now being moved after a change of plan, with another site close by being sought.

Local boy done good Mick Cassinelli, who runs the Caecillian company, played a part by backing their plans.

Qasim Ali, manager of the Raja Bros store, also came good, along with DB Garden Nurseries, Just 4U and local man Graham Leah with donations.

And the way things have taken off have blown the woman behind the idea, Rosemary Maken, away. There is more to come down the line with big plans too.

She said: “Covid hit so we couldn’t do the crafts club.

“When we went back to school after lockdown, all the parents and kids who came to the club asked me when it was opening again but I couldn’t give them a definite date.

“I decided I would go it alone after a few inspiring words from the parents, friends, family and even strangers.

“I asked Mick and Qasim if they would support the kids and they said yes.

“Mick is always on the other end of the phone and donates cash. I also had a donation from Graham.

“They both said they would have loved to have had something to do like the club.

Rosemary Maken

“Qasim has been great. He has provided all the compost and bark and let us use the initial patch of land.”

Even though the Skids concept is still in its infancy, Rosemary, 39, can see it has already had an effect on people in Carrbrook.

And she wants to make that even bigger.

She added: “It’s really overwhelming. I’m really lucky. I want the kids to have something to do.

“This is the beginning but I’m hoping will grow into something more educational and something that promotes community values.

“I didn’t expect the Crafty Skids to take off as it did.

“The kids love it they always ask their mum, ‘What time is club?’ but I think that’s more to do with the chance to be with their friends for an hour or so.

“Eventually, I want to find a big enough room to fit all 20 plus Skids and parents into.”

• If you are interested in the Carrbrook Crafty Skids, you can check them out on Facebook at or you can e-mail Rosemary at

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