Strengthened support for Tameside as Covid-19 rates rise rapidly

TAMESIDE has been announced as an area to receive strengthened support from the Government to control the spread of the Delta (B.1.617.2) Covid-19 variant.

Covid-19 rates across Tameside and Greater Manchester are rising rapidly, with the new Delta variant becoming more dominant.

Rates in Tameside now at 100.7 per 100,000 of the population, which is over four times higher than two weeks ago.

Areas where there is a rapid growth of the Delta variant – which includes every local authority in Greater Manchester – will be offered a number of interventions, based on local need, to drive vaccine uptake among eligible cohorts and strengthen testing operations.

While the details of this strengthened support are being finalised, residents are being urged to play their part and encourage others to do the same:

  • Get vaccinated when eligible
  • Get tested even if you don’t have symptoms and even if you have had one or two doses of the vaccine
  • Self-isolate if positive and if eligible access the available financial support
  • Work from home if you can
  • Be cautious when meeting others who are not in your household
  • Socialise outdoors
  • Minimise travel

People are also reminded to follow the effective basic measures of washing hands, wearing face coverings, socially distancing and letting in fresh air.

Tameside Council Executive Leader, Cllr Brenda Warrington, said: “We’ve seen Covid-19 rates in Tameside more than quadruple over the last two weeks and they continue to climb as do rates across Greater Manchester.

“I’m sure many of us are aware of more cases occurring among our friendship, family and community circles in recent days and want to do everything we can to protect ourselves and others from this risk.

“While we all want to move on with our lives, I urge everyone to take action now to help control the spread of Covid-19 variants.

“This includes getting regularly tested, whether you have symptoms or not, and getting both your vaccinations at the earliest opportunity as this really does help prevent you from getting very poorly from Covid and reduces the chance of you passing it onto others.

“Continue to be cautious when mixing with others and socialise outdoors where the risk of transmission is lower. And keep faithful to the basic measures of washing hands, wearing face coverings, socially distancing and letting in fresh air.

“If we all take this action now, we can help break the chains of transmission in Tameside.”

Chief Executive of the UK Health Security Agency Dr Jenny Harries said: “Our genomic sequencing work is helping us rapidly identify cases of Covid-19 variants in areas across England.

“The UK Health Security Agency is closely monitoring the situation and launching public health interventions, such as increased testing, wherever necessary.

“With a number of cases identified in Tameside, I urge everybody living in the area to get tested and come forward for your vaccine when called; this will help to control the spread of this variant and protect the community.”

For more details on how to get a test see

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