Residents’ plea to developer over access to former nursing home site

RESIDENTS have taken the unusual step of writing directly to a builder to voice their concerns over a proposed new development in Micklehurst, Mossley.

They are vehemently opposed to access to the site of the abandoned Jonathan Grange Nursing Home being made through the Marle Estate.

Residents formulate objections

Householders do not want the cul-de-sac on Marle Rise opening up and for it to become a throughfare to the proposed development of seven pairs of semi-detached houses.

They argue Marle Avenue and Marle Rise are unsuitable for excavating equipment and heavy goods vehicles which would need access by virtue of the width and gradient of the roads.

Residents argue that if the development goes ahead, access ought to be from Micklehurst Road, even though that, too, is far from ideal.

But rather than waiting for the planning application to be determined by Tameside Council’s speakers’ panel (planning), residents have taken the lead by contacting applicant Shloime Eckstein directly.

Mr Eckstein has applied on behalf of Rayton Ltd for permission to demolish the nursing home, which has been left to decay since its closure in 2014, are erect 14 semi-detached houses.

Residents turned out in force at the annual Mossley Parish meeting to discuss their issues.

The disused site off Micklehurst Road, Mossley

While they would welcome the demolition of the nursing home which has been left to decay and become an eyesore, they had reservations about the redevelopment of the site.

They pointed out that limited parking across the road at The Vale has resulted in vehicles being left on Marle Avenue and Marle Rise adds to their issues.

One resident explained that builders carrying out a huge development at The Vale often park vehicles outside their homes.

And when the project, which includes creating a theatre space, is completed they envisage parking will remain an issue for those attending events.

Residents suggested that instead of building homes on the site of the former nursing home, maybe it would be better used as additional parking for The Vale.

In their letter to Mr Eckstein, residents said they are ‘very much in favour of the demolition of the former care home’ as it has become a magnet for vandalism and anti-social behaviour with the site falling into disarray.They added potential access from Marle Avenue and Marle Rise is the major concern and, which if unresolved would result in residents ‘collectively objecting to the development as a whole’.

Residents added the development would also put pressure on Micklehurst Road where there are already traffic issues.

“We therefore suggest the number of builds on the land is too much for the local infrastructure to absorb,” they wrote.

And they asked the applicant if the development is given the go-ahead, workers be accommodated on the site and not add to the parking on already overcrowded neighbouring streets.

Mossley Town Council is supporting residents. They have no objection in principle for residential development, but they also argued for reduced density adding the plans are ‘unimaginative’ and seeking a review of the layout.

The land is the site of the former Marle House, a house built by prominent woollen manufacturer John Lawton.

The original Marle House stood for more than 100 years before being converted into a nursing home in the late 1980s.

Not long after its conversion a planning application was submitted for the erection of a new private nursing home in the early 1990s, which ultimately doomed the historic buildings.

They were replaced by the current Jonathan Grange Nursing Home which has been abandoned since 2014.

The Correspondent attempted to contact Mr Eckstein through Debtal Architecture, who are working on the design, but he had not replied by the time the paper went to print.

• Mossley Town Council, the driving force behind plans to create a community hub using the disused changing rooms on the Egmont Street Playing Fields, reported progress at the annual Mossley Parish meeting which was held in May.

They have received six expressions of interest from groups and are exploring their viability.
The Town Council has pledged £10,000 of its funds to get the project off the ground.

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