‘The Perfect Ten’ birds of Greater Manchester – survey now online

A BIRD for each of Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs is an initiative which is far from a flight of fancy for James Walsh.

James, also known as ‘Mancunian Birder’ and the man behind the Greater Manchester Birding City Region Project, is urging the public to have their say in an online survey.

Mancunian Birder James Walsh

“Hopefully with ‘The Perfect Ten’ we have come up with an idea that everyone in Greater Manchester can enjoy… and with the newly launched public consultation survey we want all voices to be heard,” he explained.

“We hope that ‘The Perfect Ten’ can unite the boroughs of Greater Manchester and get people talking about our amazing birdlife.”

Should the red grouse be the symbol of Tameside and the tawny owl for neighbouring Oldham.

Now is the time for you to have your say on the ‘The Perfect Ten’.

Do you think ‘The Perfect Ten’ birds of Greater Manchester is a good idea? Should councils have an official bird to represent each borough? What are the potential benefits to people and the environment?

James explained: “This survey is designed so that people can efficiently express their views on the Greater Manchester Birding City Region Project’s choice of bird for each borough and there are also opportunities to nominate alternative choices and write more general thoughts on ‘The Perfect Ten’ concept.

“Now is the perfect time to launch this survey, at the start of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild and while Springwatch is enthralling viewers on television.

‘The Perfect Ten’ survey results will be an important part of the Manchester Festival of Nature 2021 which will take place on social media on Sunday, June 27 via the Twitter account @MancNature.

Manchester Festival of Nature chair and Lancashire Wildlife Trust campaigns manager Alan Wright said: “We think James’s idea for ‘The Perfect Ten’ will capture the imagination of all nature lovers in Greater Manchester.

“Hopefully, the successful birds will be adopted by the boroughs and help us to highlight the plight of birds and other wildlife in the North West. Biodiversity is in crisis, and it needs all the help it can get.”

Take part in the survey here https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/GMPerfect_10

2 Replies to “‘The Perfect Ten’ birds of Greater Manchester – survey now online”

  1. The Long -eared owl is already the symbol of Oldham and their football team .
    That’s one sorted.

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