Mossley church spotlighted by local historians

TWO books on the history of St George’s Church, Mossley, and its graveyard are now available to view online.

Additionally, there is also a complete list of all the monumental inscriptions that were recorded in 1974.

These were done before many of the headstones and monuments were removed and the grounds of the church landscaped.

In these three publications are plenty of fascinating stories. And for people interested in researching their family history these guides are an essential tool.

The Rev David Warner, of St George’s Church, said: “We are delighted Rita Vaughan and Kathryn Young have kindly made their wonderful guides available for reference, now that the paper copies have sold out. They retain the copyright for these publications.”

The guide to St George’s Church can be viewed online at

The guide to St George’s Churchyard can be viewed on online at

And the guide to inscriptions and burials at St George’s Churchyard can be viewed online at

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