Belle Vue deliver thumping to visitors Berwick

BELLE Vue made good on their promise to deal Berwick a thumping when they met at the National Speedway Stadium on Friday night (May 28), handing them a comprehensive 51-38 defeat. 

The Cool Running Colts were out for revenge following their 52-38 loss at Shielfield Park last week and were spurred on by the faith and confidence placed in them by club bosses.

And despite the Bullets tracking three ex-Belle Vue riders, the class of 2021 were quick to silence their critics by taking an early lead from which the opposition struggled to recover.

Benji Compton (Red) leads Greg Blair (White) (Photo: Ian Charles)

The night was not without its dramas and controversies, the most profound coming in Heat 14 when referee Seth Perkin excluded both Berwick riders for different offenses.

Former Colts rider Ben Rathbone sensationally flipped his bike on the start finish line and team mate Mason Watson, believing the race would be stopped, rolled off the throttle.

Rathbone was excluded for being the primary cause of the stoppage, while Watson was kicked out of the re-run for not being under power after the race was allowed to continue.

But the Cool Running Colts had already sealed the win on the night before the bonus 5-0 that followed, and Sam McGurk believes there are only better things to come from their next meetings.

500 CC Final: Cameron Taylor (Red) inside Ben Trigger (Blue) and Sam McGurk (Yellow) with Alex Goldsborough (White) (Photo: Ian Charles)

He said: “It’s rare that you get a heat where both of the opposing team’s riders are excluded but we didn’t need the 5-0 to get the win on the night.

“All the boys rode really well. Taking the lead early on gave us a huge boost in confidence and we carried that through the rest of the night and the result reflect that.

“We said we wanted to return the favour and that’s what we did. It felt good to win our first home meeting. It was an amazing night against a very tough team, and they made us work for it.

“I think we will only improve from here. There’s a lot we still have to prove as the season goes on but I think if we can keep this up, we will have an amazing year.”

The Bike Right Aces clash with Peterborough in the Premiership on Monday, May 31 at the National Speedway Stadium at 12:00pm, before heading to the East of England Showground for a 7:30pm start.

Tickets for this meeting are now sold out, but tickets remain for Belle Vue’s next top flight clash on June 7 with Ipswich at


Belle Vue ‘Cool Running’ Colts 51: Harry McGurk 13, Sam McGurk 10+1, Benji Compton 10+1, Jack Parkinson Blackburn 7+1, Ben Woodhull 5+2, Paul Bowen 3+2, Connor Coles 3+2

Berwick Bullets 38: Leon Flint 15, Kyle Bickley 9+2, Greg Blair 8, Mason Watson 4, Ben Rathbone 1+1, Kieran Douglas 1+1, Ryan MacDonald 0NDL points: Belle Vue 3 Berwick 0


500cc Final: Ben Trigger, Cameron Taylor, Alex Goldsborough, Sam McGurk
250cc Final: Luke Harrison, Ace Pijper, Jody Scott, Max James

Winners of the British Youth Championship: Rear: 500cc (l-r) Cameron Taylor (3rd), Ben Trigger (1st), Alex Goldsborough (3rd); Front: Ace Pijper (2nd), Luke Harrison (1st), Jody Scott (3rd) (Photo: Ian Charles)

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