Godley Green Garden Village WILL go ahead, insists Tameside Council

THE CONTROVERSIAL development that would see the creation of Godley Green Garden Village will definitely be built, according to Tameside Council leader Cllr Brenda Warrington.

One of her Labour colleagues, Cllr Joe Kitchen, said the proposal must be looked at after winning the local election in the Hyde Godley ward by 52 votes.

But despite a petition of more than 4,000 signatures against the plan, Cllr Warrington is adamant more than 2,000 homes will be built.

More than 2,000 homes are proposed for the Godley Green Garden Village development

She also countered the arguments of many campaigners who are protesting against the loss of green space.

Cllr Warrington also believes it is Tameside doing its bit to prevent a ‘free for all’ and hopes it can be a model to others.

However, she also admitted the full message surrounding it had not been broadcast while insisting Tameside’s plan is better than the alternative if Government intervenes.

Speaking in her address at the first meeting of Tameside Council since the May 6 poll, on Tuesday, May 25, she said: “We will be going ahead with this project and I hope we’re able to succeed.


“And with the right support, Godley Green Garden Village can be more than just another housing scheme.

Cllr Brenda Warrington, leader of Tameside Council

“It will be an example for others to follow, in Tameside and Greater Manchester.

“Local authorities have a responsibility to act and plan, not just for the present but for the generations to come.

“As part of that, we’re required by Government to have plans to build over 11,000 new homes over the next 17 years.

“We’ve seen in the past how piecemeal development or just tacking homes on to existing neighbourhoods, without the services to go alongside them, too often lead to poor outcomes and unhappy residents.

“So by putting people first, emphasising in the creation of thriving communities and backing any housing up with infrastructure, such as access to broadband, public transport links, open green space – a garden village model offers a more ambitious and sustainable model of growth for the future.

“We estimate this development alone will offer a significant part of our mandated housing requirement, as well as providing a wide variety of jobs and apprenticeships to local residents both during and after the construction phase.

Cllr Joe Kitchen, said the proposal must be looked at after winning the local election in the Hyde Godley ward by 52 votes.
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“No matter what is said, doing nothing is not an option. If we don’t come up with a plan for meeting our housing target, the Government will simply step in and do it for us.

“This will lead to a development free for all and more likely than not the loss of more of our precious green space in other areas.

“The consequences of not going ahead with Godley Green Garden Village, led by the council, means the site will probably come forward for development as part of the Government’s requirement to build new housing.

“But it will be in a very piecemeal way. This will mean no Green Village, no protection of green space, just developers developing housing plots at high density.

“We’ll also see the cherry picking areas. A free for all in its true sense. They’ve already made contact with land owners in Godley Green to explore opportunities to exploit the site.

“We’re fighting against that and trying to make this a reasonable development.”

The Godley Green Garden Village plan, which will see the area close to the A57 Mottram Road developed if approved, has caused huge protests.

Save Tameside Green Belt has led calls for the land to be preserved for residents to continue to enjoy, saying it a haven for wildlife.

However, Cllr Warrington laid her side on the table, while also insisting many people’s alternative of building on brownfield sites is ‘not a viable option.’

She added: “Less than 15 per cent of the land at Godley Green is currently available to the public as it stands. It is not public open space.

“When our work is completed, that will change. Almost half of the site will be unlocked to be truly open, truly accessible and truly public green space.

“If approved and completed, this project has the potential to deliver up to 2,350 new, quality homes in the borough.

“I know this has proved to be a very controversial issue but I don’t believe we should shy away from difficult and necessary conversations.

“And I don’t believe those detailed messages are getting out into the public arena.”

Cllr Kitchen squeezed past the Conservatives’ Andrea Colbourne in the Hyde Godley election on May 6.

And after winning, he admitted Godley Green may need looking at, saying: “Godley Green isn’t going to go away overnight.

“It’s going to be around for several years probably but I think it’s very important that we do look at it again and that it is managed.”

5 Replies to “Godley Green Garden Village WILL go ahead, insists Tameside Council”

  1. Details of the proposed (sic) development have been conveyed to the public via zoom meetings and presentations. The public have now made clear their views. In excess of 4000 residents have protested the plan. Despite requesting residents views it would seem that those views are being completely ignored. Brenda Warrington has made it clear that despite any protests this will continue, this is democracy at work. The question of why invest so much money into a very expensive consultation programme when the results are completely overridden and ignored has yet to be answered. This council appears to be quite happy to waste obscene amounts of money in presenting plans that are a foregone conclusion is nothing short of dictatorial .

  2. Shame on you Brenda the bulldozer. You have not listened to your constituents. I never cotes for you or your mate Kitchen, that doesn’t mean my voice should not be listened to and my point of view taken into account. The roads around Godley and Gee Cross are horrendous when there are no lockdown or restrictions. Where are all the extra cars and vehicles going to because we both know they won’t be cycling to work. The train capacity is already at its maximum what plans do you have for increasing the capacity? None! What about all the wildlife that will be destroyed by your Green Village. I have never in my life been so frustrated, bewildered and annoyed at a council in my life as much as I am at the moment. If you go ahead with this it’s like sticking two fingers up to the community you are here to represent. One last point, thank you for the 4.99% council tax hike, during the pandemic when work was at a premium and job losses and furlough were at a peak this is just what the people of Tameside needed. I don’t mind having my bins emptied once a week less for the privilege of getting you a new bill dozer, you be my guest.

  3. People are clearly not understanding that Godley Green Village is going ahead because it seems if it doesn’t get the go ahead of the council then the govt will take more greenbelt land from all over and then not put any extra services in so better to lose some greenbelt in 1 place and put the services into that area. Not ideal but clearly the better option. People want to complain then look to the govt who are setting these quotas, they are not bothered where they go as long as they can say they hit their targets

  4. I would like to know why Brenda the bull dozer Warrington isn’t pushing for the development of the former Two-trees school site . Is it because she lives at the top of Two trees lane on Haughton green road . Is it a case of not in my back yard from this leader who isn’t fit to lead. A person that’s not listening to the boroughs residents . She is a disgrace and needs removing from office before she damages any more of Tameside with her decisions. Look at the former Hyde Library which has been left to deteriorate into a derelict mess. Her own Councillors need to rebel a vote of no confidence is what’s needed against this Demon .

  5. What doesn’t Brenda “The Bulldozer” Warrington understand about the objections to building on Godley Green?
    We, the inhabitants of Hyde, object to the desecration of beautiful green belt land that is home to a lot of wildlife including deer, rabbits and many species of birds.
    It is an absolute haven. Tameside want to plant more trees and pretend they have their constituents health at heart. Well , guess what, leaving the mature trees is a much better idea.

    If this goes ahead the constituents who they purport to serve, and who pay their wages, will never forgive or forget.

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