Football chairman slams ‘greed’ of the big clubs

LOCAL football club chairman Rob Gorski believed “greed” was the motivating factor behind the failed proposal for a European Super League.

Mr Gorski, who is also majority shareholder at Stalybridge Celtic, added the so-call big six Premier League clubs “grossly miscalculated” how the plan for a breakaway league would be received, especially by fans.

And he is convinced American owners the Glazer family (Manchester United), John W Henry (Liverpool) and Stan Kroenke (Arsenal) were key players along with Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Mr Gorski said: “Having lived in America for a time and followed their sport, it didn’t surprise me.

“We have American businessmen each worth billions of pounds, but they are not soccer men.

“They are used to a system where there is no pyramid, promotion and relegation and they wanted to replicate the American way here. They also saw it as a means to a good windfall profit.

Rob Gorski

“However, they grossly miscalculated how it would be received here where there are 14 leagues in the pyramid and meritocracy which is the envy of other countries.”

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, the two Manchester clubs and Tottenham were the six English clubs who signed up along with Barcelona, Real and Atletico Madrid, the two Milan clubs and Juventus.

“This was driven by two bankrupt clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona who have had an incessant overspend for years,” he added.

Mr Gorski pointed out there was a total disregard for fans, and clubs surely must have seen a backlash.

He said it was a continuation of the greed of the Premier League.

Mr Gorski continued: “When the Premier League agreed a new £2 billion television contract for Asia, non-league clubs went to them and said they needed money.

“They were given only £1 million which is further confirmation of the greed of the Premier League.

“And there was a lot of hypocrisy because clubs voted to break away from the Football Association to form the Premier League in 1992-93 just as there is hypocrisy in Government for political gain.

“I don’t think anyone has come out of this episode with any credit other football itself.”

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