Dane Bank roots for homeless charity

A CHARITY effort helping the homeless and those in need in Manchester and Salford has much of its roots in Dane Bank.

Three people from the area can be regularly found on the streets assisting the work of Two Brews.

Jacqueline Maynard and partner Peter Lock, who live on Charnwood Avenue, are joined by Emma Lock of Norfolk Avenue in its effort.

It has already received visible backing from Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte and Lee Mossop, captain of rugby league side Salford Red Devils.

At night and early in the morning, members of Two Brews are out on the streets speaking to homeless people, giving out food and hot drinks and trying to help them.

Founding member Jacqueline explained: “We set Two Brews up over Christmas.

“A lot of the team had done work with other charities and over Christmas their outreach teams weren’t going out – that didn’t sit right with us.

“So we decided to set up on our own and we’ve built up a following very quickly. The support and the donations we’ve had from people and businesses has been brilliant.

“Every night we take about six of us out. We do city centre outreach but also a lot of community work, delivering food parcels.

“We’ll work with other agencies too. We’ve found a couple of missing people and we work with the police.

“There was one young lad who’d just come out of prison and he needed a food parcel.

“We also do hostel drops too as we don’t want to be just about the homeless. The community work is just as big a part, it’s vital support.”

Lee got in touch with Two Brews – named after one homeless person who was always seen carrying two hot drinks – as he sought two charities to benefit from his testimonial.

After seeing the problem himself, he decided to get get involved and take part in outreach work.

He said: “It stems from going shopping in Manchester with my wife Chloe,” revealed Lee.

“We saw how bad a problem it is and the main thing was the age of some people – some of them were just 17 or 18 years old.

“I came across Two Brews, asked if I could go out with them to see what they do first hand. I was blown away. I was humbled.

“When I went out, Chloe asked if she could come with me. So we were there from about 6pm until about 10.30pm.

“It was about minus three degrees, it was so cold, so it was considered quiet but there were still 20 or 30 people we helped.

“We fed everyone that came to us and had a chat with them, which is what a lot of people want.

Jacqueline helped arrange Lee’s link with Two Brews but she admitted club loyalties get involved.

She added: “One or two of the team are Salford fans so they’re going a bit fanboy!

“Lee and Chloe went out with an outreach team and were just amazing, getting involved and asking loads of questions. He spoke to some of the people living on the streets too.

“He said he was shocked and he wants to go out more, it was a real eye opener.”

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