Mossley home plan will add to area, say developers

DEVELOPERS say 17 new homes planned for part of an industrial area in Mossley will add to the area.

Alan Chorlton is leading the bid to convert the site on Manchester Road, which currently stores caravans, into a new residential estate.

An application has been made to Tameside Council to develop the area, close to the Roaches Lock pub.

Planning application for the site in Mossley

If permission is granted, a mix of semi-detached and detached dwellings ranging from three bedroomed properties for up to five person occupation, four bedroomed properties for up to seven person occupation and four bedroomed properties for up to eight person occupation will be built.

And those looking to develop it are in no doubt they feel it would add to the area, despite a number of comments objecting to it.

A statement said: “It will provide attractive housing for both local people and people moving into the area and will add to the range of houses available within Mossley.

“The area is an attractive place to live, being on the edge of open countryside, but also easily accessible to services.

A statement says the Mossley site will provide attractive housing for both local people and people moving into the area

“The residential use of the site is appropriate to the character of the surrounding area being close to established areas of housing.

“It will be sufficiently separated from the nearby commercial and industrial uses and will not prejudice the continued operation of these businesses or lead to unacceptable levels of noise and disturbance for the future occupants of the dwellings.

“The visual amenity of the area will be significantly improved following the removal of the caravan storage use which is somewhat at odds with the general surrounding landscape.

“The proposed residential use of the site will not have an adverse impact on the highway safety.”

Tameside Council’s speakers panel (planning) committee will decide whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

4 Replies to “Mossley home plan will add to area, say developers”

  1. The problem is so many houses have been built in Mossley over the past 5-10yrs, but no one is considering the infrastructure to support everyone. The traffic has increased dramatically on our Mossley roads, parking is horrendous, no one looks after the roads to fix all the pot holes caused by the excess traffic, and none of the new houses have enough parking! The houses that have been built over recent years are so cheaply thrown up, they look really unloved and tatty after a couple of years. I don’t have young children so can’t comment on the school situation but they also need taking into consideration, but I do know the doctors in Mossley are being stretched far beyond their capacity. We do not need any more houses in Mossley until the proper infrastructure is there to support its residents.

  2. The Council told us the land was contaminated with cyanide. This was when it was to become a Travellers Permanent Site.
    At the time they said to build on it there would need to be a metre’ s depth of concrete to offset the toxicity.
    Surely it hasn’t become ‘safe to build’ so quickly!!

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