Complaints raised over issues at ‘Mossley Beach’

LIFE is far from swimmingly for residents in an area of Mossley known as ‘The Beach’.

The privately-owned land between homes on Three Counties Road and the River Tame was the subject of complaints which were raised at a meeting of Mossley Town Council.

Raves have been held on the land and there are ongoing issues with alcohol and drugs as well as homeless people living there.

Now resident Andy Titterton has come up with a potential solution.

Mossley ‘beach’ – photo by Gemma Carter

“If Tameside Council compulsory purchase the land, I will buy it off them and do a woodland management plan. I will do that for Mossley,” he said.

But days after the issues were raised at the town council meeting, Tameside Council moved two homeless men on and sent in a team to clear the site.

Town council chair Councillor Frank Travis, who had previously reported the matter to Tameside Council, said: “Apparently they were already on the case. One of the men has returned to his home area and the other has been successfully accommodated in Tameside.

“After they had gone, I went down there and there was a local resident kindly moving items and bagging them up. I asked him to leave them handy and they would go as well.

The privately-owned land between homes on Three Counties Road and the River Tame was the subject of complaints – photo by Gemma Carter

“He was saying that there was some local empathy for the men and they were polite and in no way aggressive. Residents had visited them and given them food.

“However, there is, he said, gatherings of young people with drink and drugs in the area playing loud music late in the evening.”

Cllrs Tafheen Sharif and Stephen Homer and the police are working to resolve these issues.

Cllr Homer told the town council: “The area of land, which is known locally as ‘Mossley Beach’, has historically attracted people.

“Latterly there have been a lot more and it has become more of a commune.

“It has deteriorated with a homeless people appearing to be living there.

Local residents have complained about ‘gatherings’ – photo by Gemma Carter

“There are gatherings with music played to all hours and people are urinating and defecating within sight of family homes. It is a major problem and needs dealing with.”

Cllr Homer added the police, Tameside Council and Canals and River Trust have been contacted by letter.

“They need to work together to fund a solution, but they are all passing the book and nothing is happening,” he said.

Andy expressed his worries to the meeting, saying he raised with police the issue of a male frequently using a machete to cut branches from trees for firewood.

“You have children playing 10 metres away from an adult wielding a machete,” he said.

Andy told councillors about raves being held on the land and issues with alcohol and drugs.

He explained the copse of trees supported nature and biodiversity, but it is being “killed” and there is no wildlife there any longer.

Another resident backed up Andy saying police need to visit at 10pm and not during the morning or afternoon, adding they do not allow her children to play on the land.

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  1. The guys from Emmaus have used this for years were else can they go. They used it before any houses were built. If you buying a house do your homework to see what goes on at different times of the day.

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