Ideas wanted for Dam good project

LOCAL children can get involved with the next stage of work at a Stalybridge nature area – and may have a long-lasting effect.

For submissions are wanted for artwork that can be incorporated into new railings that will be put up at Millbrook Dam.

Work to help transform the site has seen a new bridge installed over a stream. Now for some protective rails.But these will not be plain, they will feature several different designs and Gary Rothwell of Carrbrook Angling Club, which manages the area and is behind the transformation, wants a local touch.

He said after three companies put their hand up to fabricate them: “This is all about getting local involvement.

“I walked up to it on a sunny day and thought, ‘How good would it look if it had a couple of panels in?’

“We want this lovely set of railings with pictures reflecting what people can see around them. Then when the sun shines on it, you’ll get a shadow of what the kids have designed.

“It could be one piece of art in one panel or it could be several different ones.

“It’s for general safety too as one side of the bridge is currently open and people can fall into the stream.

“Once we’ve done that, we can resurface the path, ideally with sandstone to make it look like a bridleway and keep it accessible, and maybe add a few trees and plants.

“We’ve talked about having a memorial garden put in. It’s how far we go with it, there’s loads we can do.”

Gary has seen Stalybridge-based Works4U undertake much of the work and they will provide some of the panels for the bridge.

A sign detailing the history of Millbrook Dam will also be made up. However, more are needed, which is where local children come in.

Gary added: “One we’re going to get done is a sign saying, ‘Welcome to Millbrook Dam,’ in big letters, with the history of the area detailed underneath.

“And as it will be cut out, when the sun shines, it will then solar project the words on to the floor. It’ll look brilliant.

“Ideally we want it done by the beginning of summer, so ideas will be needed by the end of next month so we can get them made and installed by then.

“Then we can maybe hold an official opening ceremony.”

A fundraising drive has also been launched with a target of £5,000 to help meet the costs.

You can donate online at

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