Billy Goat could reopen

A MOSSLEY pub that had its licence revoked after breaches of Covid-19 guidelines could reopen.

The Billy Goat was closed by Tameside Council licensing chiefs after parties were broken up by police officers.

However, the authority has received a new application from David Fisher to keep the Stamford Street premises as a pub, when they are allowed to reopen.

The request was lodged on Thursday, February 18 and will be heard by the Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing) committee after a 28-day consultation.

Any links between Mr Fisher and previous occupant Victor Bowers will also be examined and The Correspondent found the latter is listed as a friend on the former’s Facebook profile.

The Billy Goat had its licence revoked after police found a party for about 30 people happening on March 21 last year, after Prime Minister Boris Johnson said licensed premises should be closed.

A hearing was told then designated premises supervisor (DPS) Kathleen O’Neil started serving again before officers even reached their car after ordering her to shut on the first time they attended.

The authority’s head of licensing, Michael Robinson, revealed in evidence Mr Bowers and Ms O’Neil told him they ‘did not believe the coronavirus outbreak was as bad as had been reported.’

He also said Mr Bowers told him he thinks coronavirus is: “Just bad flu.”

And when announcing the decision, head of the liquor licensing panel, Cllr Dave Sweeton, said: “There was a serious and flagrant breach of the health protection regulations that came into force on March 21 as The Billy Goat pub was open and trading with a group of approximately 30 people in a very enclosed licensable premises.

“There have been numerous previous incidents of concern and this has to be viewed as the most serious of breaches.”

6 Replies to “Billy Goat could reopen”

  1. They only got caught twice they should lose there license full stop wether it’s there livelihood or not I know for a fact they let punters in the back door on more than twice and that’s from the blokes mouth who wants a license

  2. Close it for good.

    Just like the Granby in Uppermill, these charlatans bring the pub trade into disrepute; the rest of us Mossley publicans play by the rules and look after our customers, but this lot don’t give a toss. I get that every town has its dodgy pub but maybe the pandemic will be a chance to change this and make Mossley a better place to live for everyone. The licensing team will be mugs if they re-new it, the landlords and punters laughing in their faces.

    Make an example of the scruffs, I say

    1. Oh Mr perfect are you? I think not, the billy goat is a very friendly welcoming pub of all ages I’ve been going there for ten years and never seen any trouble. Keep it open for the sake of the community.

    2. I’ve lived in Mossley all my life and think that the Billy goat is part of our community. It’ll be really sad and very upsetting to some of the regulars to see the pub close for good. The fact that people are name calling is a little childish in my opinion

  3. Who on Earth would want to drink in Mossley anyway?!

    Possibly the most depressing little introverted town I`ve ever been to for a drink.

  4. I was actually born in mossley so for you incomers giving it out about the pub you know Jack shit about it its warm welcoming friendly so don’t call something are anybody who goes in there your the out cast go live some where else

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