Hartshead Pike lantern repairs completed

AN important part of the renovation work at Hartshead Pike has been completed.

The removal of the scaffolding at the top of the structure, which dominates the landscape above Mossley, has been removed following the reconstruction of the stone lantern at the top which has fallen into disrepair.Worries about the crumbling stonework had resulted in the Grade II listed structure being fenced off on the grounds of safety.

A Tameside Council spokesperson said: “The lantern installation at Hartshead Pike has now been completed and the scaffolding removed.

“The spire still needs re-pointing with the contractor waiting for the appropriate weather conditions to complete. The ladder access is required for this purpose.”

It was last year that a structural survey revealed work was needed to the decaying stonework.

Before the results of the survey were known, a health and safety notice said access to it had been restricted due to concerns ‘regarding falling masonry’.

Tameside Council had earlier referred to Hartshead Pike as being a popular local landmark, making the monument an important part of the borough’s heritage and they were committed to preserving it for future generations.

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