Drivers told use their ‘common sense’ when parking at vaccination centre

A COUNCILLOR has appealed for common sense to be used when it comes to parking close to a Covid-19 vaccination site.

Mossley’s George Lawton Hall is one of the centres where people can receive their much-needed jabs but that has caused traffic issues.

Often cars are double parking on Stamford Street as people in the first four brackets – the oldest and people living in care homes – attended.

The George Lawton Hall in Mossley is one of Tameside’s vaccination centres. Photo by Gemma Carter

But now younger age groups are set to be eligible for a vaccine, Cllr Stephen Homer has called on people to make sure the immediate area around the building does not become a problem.

He told the January meeting of Mossley Town Council: “They’ve got a lot of those who are most vulnerable, the over-80s and care home residents.

“Now many of them have at least had their first jab, maybe more able-bodied people will come through and be able to park around the corner and there won’t be this need to park right outside.

“A lot of it as well comes down to common sense. If you can see it’s double parked outside George Lawton Hall, why double park outside the butcher’s shop as well?

“People should be looking at it and saying, ‘There’s no room here for me, their need is greater than mine,’ and parking somewhere else but it doesn’t always work like that

“I’ve been in touch with the people organising it and said, ‘If you see it getting busy, can you get somebody out there helping with traffic flow?’

“Some people weren’t able to walk very far so they had to stop outside but they are keeping an eye on it and if it does look like it’s starting to get congested they are sending people out and are trying to manage the traffic better.”

Tameside is one of the authorities leading the way in supplying vaccines to people in Greater Manchester.

But Cllr Homer, who also sits on Tameside Council, called for that success to not see an undoing of good work.

He added: “We’re doing really well but when we get good news like this, I just worry that people might start becoming a little bit complacent.

“Rates are still going up, deaths are still going up. We need to be really, really careful out there.”

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