Stalybridge woman jailed for attacking police officer

By Alec Whitaker

A CRAZED woman from Stalybridge who was so drunk she was ”foaming at the mouth” beat and mauled a WPC in the street as a baying crowd cheered her on.

Petra Clyde, 41, of Huddersfield Road, had sunk her teeth into the left forearm of policewoman Jane Donlan during a violent struggle as the officer was trying to detain for assaulting another woman.

But despite the ferocity of the attack, callous onlookers, who observed the arrest, refused to intervene and instead began ”screaming and cheering as if at a football match”.

Petra Clyde a crazed woman who was so drunk she was ”foaming at the mouth” beat and mauled a WPC in the street – as a crowd of onlookers cheered her on. She was jailed for two years.

Shocked passer-be Lynne Fogarty eventually stepped in and held down Clyde’s legs while the officer broke free.

PC Donlan was later treated for a ‘human bite wound’ which drew blood and she had to undergo a hepatitis and tetanus jab. She later said she never been so frightened in her 13 years with Greater Manchester Police.

Clyde, later accused the WPC of attacking her sister and a court heard the incident in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, occurred amid ”tensions” in the city over the death of Afro-American man George Floyd at the hands of US police officers in Minneapolis.

But in a statement Miss Fogarty said: ”The crowd was screaming and cheering, and it was disgusting. The woman being arrested was foaming at the mouth and looked like she was on drugs, yet the crowd were acting as if they were at a football match.  I was disgusted at humanity that no one was helping the officer.”

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Miss Fogarty was awarded for £50 out of public funds for her bravery in helping rescue the officer as mother of one Clyde was jailed for two years.

The incident occurred on August 22 last year while Clyde and her twin sister were drinking heavily and taking spice while police were helping marshall protesters who were demonstrating against the sexual abuse of children.

Neil Usher, prosecuting, said: ”A member of the public notified two police officers that this defendant and her sister were assaulting another female. The two officers saw the women over a female who was lying on the floor and being repeatedly punching the victim.

”PC Donlan describes how the twin sisters are well known to the police for their anti-social behaviour and because from their experience, the two sisters use spice and abuse alcohol. The officers intervened but this defendant resisted arrest and struck PC Donlan in the face. When the female officer tried to get her handcuffs, the defendant ran away but then returned to the area.

Pictured is PC Jane Donlan showing her injury.

”PC Donlan again tried to place her under arrest but was punched. The defendant then tried to kick and punch the officer before succeeding in biting her forearm causing bite marks which bled. The bite lasted five seconds and the officer used her CS spray.

“The other officers attended, and the officer was treated for her injuries at Manchester Royal Infirmary. The report from the hospital said that there was a human bite mark due to skin loss. The doctors were unable to close the wound and because of the high risk of infection, she was given hepatitis B booster and the tetanus jab as well as antibiotics.

“The defendant admitted biting the officer in interview, but said it wasn’t on purpose as the officer had put her weight onto her. She said the victim had originally been attacking her sister, she denied being intoxicated and on any form of drugs.

“This attack took place in a very public place and led to a reaction from some members of the public who were there, which would have made the incident more difficult for the officers. It was shortly after that the public concern over the George Floyd incident and that seems to be referred to by some of the public as heightening the tension – but maybe they didn’t exactly know what was going on.

“Miss Fogarty saw the incident and was very concerned and helped intervene by restraining the defendant’s legs as she worried the officer was going to be further hurt.”

Rachel White, defending said: “She is vulnerable person and her lifestyle choices make her even more vulnerable. She expresses her regret and she understands that she over reacted in clearly using violence to remove the officer from her.

“She has led a life led by loss but says she wants to get back to her family and to begin to make changes.”

Petra Clyde

Sentencing Clyde, Judge Anthony Cross QC said:  ”Police officers have the hardest job imaginable in trying to police Manchester’s Piccadilly. PC Donlan says in her own statement that she was as frightened as she has ever been in 13 years in the job.

”This is a police constable who is currently employed by the police, but she initially gave her service to the city for free out of public duty. She then became a police and community support officer and she spent most of her time working in the city centre, so she has seen a lot and she was frightened by you.  I’m afraid I would be completely failing in my public duty, were I not to send you to prison.

”This was a serious incident, which could have been much worse.”

Clyde, who admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm and resisting arrest, was also issued with a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order.


6 Replies to “Stalybridge woman jailed for attacking police officer”

  1. It comes as no surprise to me that no one is willing to assist the police, not after all the fines they have handed out for crossing a post code line, or one of the myriad new laws some one has thought up two minuets ago. The police like millions of others depend for their wages, most vastly inflated, on the tax payer, and we see before us an example of the old phrase ” don`t bite the hand that feeds you.

    1. Come on are you serious? Now I agree that we shouldn’t be fined for living normal day to day life but that doesn’t give anyone the right to behave like this. This poor officer didn’t make the rules, she isn’t behind the fines ect she just follows up with what she is told to do. Police officers seem to get all the blame but they don’t make the laws they simply uphold them. I’m not saying all officers are good either, I know there are some corrupt ones but this poor officer was trying to keep the streets safe from lunatics like this one that thinks biting someone and potentially passing her manky bodily fluids on to others is acceptable. She didn’t deserve that and police officers don’t get paid enough to be treated like this. I understand your frustration around corona.rules I am 100% with you that no fines should be issued but let’s not compare the 2 situations because that would be unfair to this woman.

      1. I still believe violence is not and never is the answer this woman pc is doing her job now people don’t go to work each day to be attacked so it is most definitely wrong

  2. With lack of discipline and soft sentencing these individuals are not put off by anything thrown at them..creating a world where even before they are caught/charged they know the outcome..
    It does not deter these people and is not looked upon wish shame but with pride..
    We are in lockdown and yet the violance/breaking covid laws has increased..the law need to be upheld and stiffer sentences administered .. if a grown woman can attack a police officer..get charged..sentenced
    Still smile when her photo is taken who is at fault for letting her bravado increase…

  3. Every one so quick to judge people,use common sense people get involved,or don’t .but don’t just criticize every action,or you will come unstuck on day for your negative attitudes towards human beings,that’s good or bad.oh lord God Please help those who are veiled to see!

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