Whit Friday brass band contest cancelled

WITH no imminent return to normality, the Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Brass Band Committee has reluctantly been forced to cancel the annual contests for a second successive year.

Tameside followed the Saddleworth and Oldham committee which had already made the decision to postpone this spring’s event.

However, the Tameside committee will again be supporting Foden’s online White Friday contest which was a success last year.

Adam Pickles, chairman of the Tameside committee, said: “Due to the ongoing pandemic, uncertainty regarding large scale events and gatherings and the various health and safety aspects involved, the Friends of Tameside Whit Friday Brass Band Committee has decided to postpone the 2021 contests here in Tameside until 2022.

“This is a very difficult time for all of us and we believe that the risks out way the benefits at the current time. Whilst this comes as a major blow following last year’s postponement, we firmly believe the postponement is in the best interests of all groups involved – bands, organisers, volunteers and the wider public.

“Whilst we want to apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment this may causes, we can assure you all this decision has not been an easy one to make and has not been taken lightly.

“This year we will once again be supporting Foden’s online Whit Friday contest and are investigating a number of exciting ideas for the autumn. More information and details will be shared as these ideas develop as we want to support grass roots banding as much as we can.

“We cannot stress how important the Whit band contests are to our committees and volunteers, the 140-year plus legacy and heritage hold a special place in our hearts and we do everything we can to ensure it continues and flourishes moving into 2022 and beyond.”


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