Micklehurst embraces technology for 2021

By headteacher Laura Trelfa

As we head towards the end of 2020, it seems a good time to reflect on the last 10 months and look forward to 2021 and what this holds for the staff and children at Micklehurst All Saints.

One of the amazing parts about being “us” is that we are all unique, but the one thread that connects us all is emotion, and the last 10 months have certainly been emotional! Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down and the sense of loss has, at times, been overwhelming.

In our school community, families have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost routines, lost the opportunity of spending time with extended family and friends, lost all sense of normality.

With loss comes grief, not just for loved ones but for how things used to be. What Covid-19 has brought is not just individual grief but a shared grief.

Although loss is tragic and grief can become all-consuming, there is a positive side to it. As we look forwards to 2021 this is what we are focusing on.

In our recent shared experiences, I believe we have become more understanding of others. Times have been tough for us all but I am filled with pride as to how the strength of our children, parents and staff has shone through. Children, staff and families have shown how resilient they can be: they have together overcome many challenges.

Our school community has always been tightknit and strong, something that we pride ourselves on.

We are one big happy family and the last 10 months have brought us together even more.

As we look forwards, we have a newfound appreciation and thirst for learning and life. Covid-19 has made us stop taking things for granted and we are experiencing everything in a new way. We are all trying and laughing a little harder, breathing a little deeper and loving a little stronger!

Since March, the use of technology in school has increased massively to ensure children have been able to continue with their learning remotely. While we hope things return to “normal” soon, it has led myself and the senior leadership team to visualise and create a long term model for learning that will best prepare our children for high school and ultimately the working world.

While technology will never replace books and the written hand in school, it will dramatically change the shape of learning for our staff and children in 2021.

We have embarked on an ambitious IT project that will see our Year 4, 5 and 6 children having an individual iPad to use in class. iPads already in use in school will then be allocated to the other years, ensuring all other classrooms have a bank of at least 10 to support in their learning.

The aim of this project is to promote new classroom behaviour and engage and empower students.

By embedding mobile devices into the curriculum, this will enhance learning, and deliver tangible improvements in attainment and achievement levels. It will not replace written work but will sit alongside it. We have already undergone a major upgrade to our broadband and Wi-Fi system to support this project.

During lockdown, our weekly videos helped to keep staff, children and families connected. In keeping with this, staff and children decided to make a Christmas video that could be shared with their families and the wider community.

As the project took shape, and teachers started discussing the meaning of Christmas in class bubbles, there was an overwhelming consensus that we wanted to give something back to the local community.

It was decided by children that using our new-found technological expertise, we would make the video available for download with all profits going to Mossley Foodbank to help support families in need over the Christmas period.

If you could find the time and £1.49 to download our Christmas Carol video, the staff and children at Micklehurst All Saints would be incredibly grateful. Visit: www.hartsheadproductions.co.uk/micklehurst-ce-primary

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and New Year, from the staff, children and governors of Micklehurst All Saints.

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