Drugs scare at Buckton Vale Primary

SEVERAL pupils from Buckton Vale Primary were taken to Tameside Hospital’s A&E department after taking drugs prescribed to one of the children at the Carrbrook school.

But after being checked out by doctors, they were all discharged.

Headteacher Deborah Brown said: “A child in our reception class unknowingly brought in medication from home that is prescribed for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Buckton Vale School in Carrbrook

“Several children were identified as having taken one or more of these tablets and advice was immediately sought from Public Health England and the local authority.

“Parents of these children were subsequently asked to collect their child and take them to A&E as a precautionary measure. After observations at hospital, the children were discharged.

“We have written to all parents and carers to explain the circumstances and make parents of our reception class aware in case of any concerns.”


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  1. Yes my child was one of 5 who was sent to A&E, unfortunately the school did not act in the way you would’ve thought. We got a call to say come and pick our child up as she has taken a tablet. They didn’t tell us to go to A&E only wrote down what it was. Surely in a matter of this seriousness they would’ve called for medical help?

  2. Oh gosh stuart!
    I demanded answers to numerous questions but they wont and cant give any sort of information due to data protection act. I for sure hope your little girl is alright and that’s digusting way they acted and I hope you recieve some sort of apolagy for the parents (even tho wont be enough for what happend or what could of happend).

    Parents should be ashamed of themselves and I cdont care who says it’s a learning curve for parents. To me its stupidity so many little ones put into danger and am digusted to discover how the school dealt with it.

    Shame on them all.

    Best wishes to your little one and the other ones who were envolved.!!!

  3. My thoughts are with the school’s Headteacher, Deborah Brown and her staff.
    All prescribed medication, and many over the counter medicines, are sold with a very clear warning to keep medicines, of any kind, OUT OF SIGHT AND OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. It may seem heartless taking into account the young age of these children, but, for me , the responsibility for this incident might well lie beyond the boundaries of Buckton Vale Primary School. Imagine yourself in the shoes of the Headteacher and staff faced, at one of the busiest times of year, with a problem of this magnitude. Stop for a moment and think it through – some teachers might well have a first aid certificate but they are certainly NOT expected to be medical experts. When anyone, child or adult, is thought to be in life threatening danger the obvious thing to do is to seek IMMEDIATE medical help – NO IFS NO BUTS. Fortunately the outcome of this incident does not seem to have been too serious but it might well have been deadly serious.
    I was a pupil at the old Carrbrook Junior and Infants School between 1939 and 1945 (exactly the Word War II years) and believe you me there were incidents then, as now. When the American Liberator bomber crashed on Open Ground above the village in 1942 and the only day the village lads could get near it was when it was left unguarded on Christmas Day 1942 we had a BENO.! I clearly remember lads walking back to the village with live ammunition draped round their necks looking like South Sea Islanders bearing floral decorations. The results could have been fatal ! Luckily they were n’t. We were young. Our fathers were away fighting a war and our mothers’ war was trying to keep one step ahead of what her lads were up to, on a daily basis.
    The very clear message from the local policeman, the headteacher and a very tall impressive looking American Officer was “GO HOME AND BRING BACK TO SCHOOL ANYTHING YOU TOOK FROM THE LIBERATOR ON CHRISTMAS DAY” We did as we were told. My brother and I were eventually aloud to keep the rubber dinghy and paddles we had kept hidden from a very dear mother under the coal and logs in the coal place.
    A special squad of American soldiers and a special military vehicle was used to take away quite an impressive, (I thought at the time,) horde of weaponry.
    Bill McGuinness then of. Carr Cottages Carrbrook.

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