Donate a Device to Bridge the Digital Divide

A SMALL local charity has joined forces with their local NHS to train up a network of digital champions to help vulnerable people.

PCrefurb are pioneering their “Digital Wellbeing Project”, launched in September, which aims to help those who are digitally excluded when it comes to accessing technology.

Covering Glossop and Tameside, they receive and refurbish a wide variety of equipment, from laptops to mobile phones, which they then pass on to those in need.

PCrefurb chairman, and mayor of High Peak, Ed Kelly said: “Our mission with the Digital Wellbeing Project is to try and bridge the digital divide.

“There are lots of people out there who have been left isolated, especially as a result of coronavirus, because they don’t have access to the online world.

“We hope to make a difference to those people with our “Donate A Device” campaign that is at the heart of the Digital Wellbeing Project.

“We refurbish all different types of donated IT equipment, like computers, in order to help make them available to people who are digitally excluded.

“We then link those individuals up with one of our excellent volunteers who can help teach them the skills they need to use them.”

Reliance on technology has spiked during the coronavirus pandemic with many day-to-day activities moving online and people using IT to keep in touch with loved ones.

The demand is so great that PCrefurb has issued a plea to the public not only for more donations of their old IT equipment, but also for more volunteers.

Ed continued: “We are at the stage whereby we really need devices, like phones, tablets and laptops, to start pouring in as we build up to Christmas.

“We’re hoping that people will consider donating their old equipment to us if they are thinking of replacing it this festive season.

“We’re also looking to train up more digital champions to work with vulnerable individuals who need help with their IT skills.”

For more information on the Digital Wellbeing Project or how to donate a device, visit, email: or contact the project coordinator Claire Webber on 07547 681469.

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