Something Brew-ing on the Brow

THE thought of opening a new business during a second national lockdown may have been enough to put many people off.

But those behind Brew on the Brow feel it was the best thing they could have done.

Filling in an important hole in the Mossley market, the venue on Manchester Road provides people with a chance to get a hot drink as they make there way to the nearby station.It is also establishing itself as a big part of the community, especially as it is a drop off venue for Mossley Foodbank’s Christmas Appeal.

And even though it opened its doors during lockdown on November 30, owner Peter is adamant it has been for the best.

The former serviceman, who has lived in Mossley for 13 years, said: “Lockdown withstanding, knowing how the town feels about things and what it was looking for, I had a very good feeling the business would be what a lot of people wanted.

“We debated over the business itself for a long time and I thought, ‘If I don’t do it now, I’ll probably never do it.’“It was important it was something that wasn’t solely about us. I believe in things having to suit everybody and everyone.

“We’re here at commuter time, here for the school run and we’re here for those who want a bit of company.

“I spoke to a lovely lady who’s a carer and I said, ‘You’re welcome here any time. If you want to come in for a chat.’

“Business has actually been really good. We panicking an awful lot about what was going to happen, how things light and what could go wrong but the actual worst days for us are ones when it’s pouring with rain!

“People have said, ‘This is what we wanted to see,’ and 80 per cent of the customers are people I’d never seen before.“It fills us with joy that we’ve done the right thing.”

Brew on the Brow, which occupies a unit next to The Commercial pub which had laid empty for years, is certainly a family business.

Like many coffee shops, it is serving takeaway only but a seating area is ready to go when Covid-19 restrictions allow.

And that community aspect, as well as linking up with other businesses in the Bottom Mossley area, is one of the biggest things.

Peter added: “When we moved up here, it’s always been about almost infiltrating the local community. As an incomer, I had a responsibility to become part of it.

“It’s very easy to forget but with the pandemic, there’s very much been a sense of community.

“Out of all the rubbish that’s come, hopefully standalone businesses will thrive. I hope everyone supports them.”

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