“A family of four had to share a tin of custard for their tea” – heartbreaking stories from Tameside food banks

A FOOD bank has told how many Tameside families are desperately struggling during the current pandemic and how your donations can make all the difference.

Volunteers at Tameside South and Longdendale Food Bank told how one local family had to share a tin of custard for their tea as that’s all they had in the cupboard.

And this wasn’t a one off case – the foodbank based at Hattersley Baptist Church, Melandra Crescent, Hattersley, has given out over 900 food parcels to local households in need since 1 April this year.

Tameside Council is urging residents to support all local food banks in the run up to Christmas by donating long life food items to the collection points at supermarkets.

Tameside South and Longdendale Food Bank Volunteer Denise said: “This year our food bank is more important than ever – people are really struggling with the current pandemic.

“We had one family a few weeks ago that had had to share a tin of custard between four of them for their tea – that’s all they had in to eat. This is not an isolated case, it’s ongoing.

“Any tins or long life food that people can donate to the food bank collection points when they are doing their shopping at the supermarket would be fantastic – we really do appreciate your donations.

“Food parcels can help get families through the wait from losing their job to getting their first Universal Credit payment. They can keep families in their home when they have rent arrears. They really do make a difference.”

Tameside Council Executive Leader Cllr Brenda Warrington said: “The generous support of Tameside residents donating to foodbanks in the run up to Christmas brings very much needed festive cheer and support to local families and individuals living in difficult circumstances. This year, people are suffering particular hardship and your support and goodwill is needed more than ever.

“The old adage is true that it feels better to give than to receive and donating to a foodbank is a great way to get in the festive spirit and help you feel involved and connected with your local community. Food donations will help to fill some empty cupboards in struggling households over the Christmas season. Please give what you can.”

Items currently needed include:

*             Tinned meat

*             Anything long life e.g. tins, UHT milk

*             Long-life puddings e.g. steamed puddings or long-life cake

*             Tinned fruit

*             Nappies – especially the larger sizes 4 upwards

*             Soap or hand wash

For further information on donating to or receiving support from foodbanks, please see www.tameside.gov.uk/foodbanks

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