PETS CORNER: Two’s company

THE team at the Tameside Correspondent have been talking for a while about a new column where we pay tribute to our favourite furry (or not so furry) friends.

I volunteered to kick things off so allow me to introduce you to my two German Shepherds, Zane and Chase!

Zane & Chase

Chase is my big chonky lad, black and tan, and is the older of my two doggies. He will be three in December and is wound a little tighter than his brother.

He loves people watching through our front window and has quite a lot to say, but once he gets hold of his favourite tennis ball, he’s happy as can be… just don’t try to take it off him!

Zane (all black) is the younger of the two and only turned one in August. He and Chase are thick as thieves and Zane loves to follow his lead.

He’s a bit more relaxed than his big brother, much to the relief of the postman, but he loves going on walkies and playing with anything that resembles a toy.

My boys are my world and they are so fiercely loyal. I couldn’t imagine our house without them!

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