CONSULTATION: Work on ‘Pop-up’ cycle lanes from Ashton to Manchester is due to begin

THE NEXT stage in creating ‘pop-up’ cycle lanes and footways from Ashton to Manchester to help support safe and sustainable travel is due to begin.


Tameside Council is installing the temporary routes along the A635 to provide an arterial corridor for people who wish to travel by foot or bike from Ashton town centre towards the city centre.


Residents can have their say on the measures, which are designed to provide a safe travel option for those who don’t have access to a car or have decided to cycle more of their journeys.


The routes will provide space to help people stay socially distanced while easing pressure on the public transport and highways networks.


Lord Sheldon Way Cycle Lane. Photo by Gemma Carter

Phase 1 of the scheme along the A6140 Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton, up to Manchester Road, Audenshaw, has been completed. Feedback received during the works on making further junction improvements and widening footways to improve safer access to the bus and tram stops is being considered.


Work on Phase 2 begins on 30 November involving a combination of measures running from the Snipe Retail Park along Manchester Road to the Manchester boundary, including a ‘pop-up’ cycle lane on sections of the route.


The scheme is part of the wider Greater Manchester #SafeStreetsSaveLives campaign in response to a Government directive to create enhanced safe spaces for people travelling on foot or by bike to maintain social distancing and ease pressure on public transport during the pandemic and through recovery.


It will help the economy by supporting people travelling to work, while building on the increase in walking and cycling and the fall in traffic, congestion and air pollution that’s been achieved during the pandemic to boost health and the environment.


A third phase to introduce a ‘pop-up’ cycle lane on the eastbound carriageway, from Manchester City Centre to Ashton, is currently being developed.


Tameside Council’s Executive Member for Transport and Connectivity Cllr Warren Bray said: “This scheme is being quickly implemented to give people a safe and sustainable way to travel that provides a healthier alternative to driving.


“I’d encourage people to give their views on our consultation so that we can work together to support an increase in active travel and help make Tameside a nicer, healthier and safer place to live and work.”


As the work is taking place at pace, an online consultation is underway simultaneously until 29 January, 2021, and can be accessed, alongside further information at


The results of the survey will be reviewed on a regular basis to determine if any immediate issues need to be addressed during the trial period and anyone with urgent concerns can email


Once the consultation has ended a detailed review of all feedback will be undertaken to help determine if changes are needed, whether it should be made permanent, developed further or removed all together.

11 Replies to “CONSULTATION: Work on ‘Pop-up’ cycle lanes from Ashton to Manchester is due to begin”

  1. If you hit a cyclist they claim on your insurance….. if a cyclist hits your car…. nothing…. the country is on it’s arse!

    1. If a cyclist hits your car – You can be charged nearly £300 for their ambulance to hospital ride and nearly £900 a day for out-patient treatment. Even if it was their fault.

  2. Once again Tameside council is walking all over the residents of Audenshaw again! No consideration for anyone who lives on this route and is affected 24 hours a day by your changes. I can’t even describe it as “proposed “ changes because you went ahead and started work without even bothering to tell us!!! Goes against all the official guidance and affects our lives negatively yet again.! Shame on you! There’s no need for another cycle lane when you’ve just done up the cycle path along the canal that runs parallel and there’s never enough cyclists on there to warrant a second path. Where do you propose the residents park their cars if you take away all the on street parking? The sooner people vote these idiots out the better!

  3. Great. Thank you for this. The Manchester / Audenshaw commute might be a bit safer. To the person who said we should use the canal path, they should try it. Absolute death-trap; even worse in winter.

  4. We do not need a cycle lane down Manchester Road most cyclists use the canal towpath
    People who live on this road need somewhere to
    A. Park their cars
    B Receive visitors who will need somewhere to park their cars
    C. Workmen who need access to properties

    Money should be used to put speed cameras on this road as it is used as a racing track
    Or young people doing wheelies on their bikes down the middle of the road they will not be using a cycle lanes anyway!?

  5. The only way cycle use will increase is for fully protected cycle paths, not death trap white paint lines on the road,Ray Brown, Audenshaw Cycle Users Group,

  6. Ray Brown If funds were available a secondment of a Dutch cycle path engineer for this project woud give the only correct design proposal,

  7. There are too many bike lanes already, and you hardly see a bike on them. I am not a disgruntled driver, I am a pedestrian.

  8. Don’t think there is enough space to do this on the roadway and it will cause more accidents. With a further few hundred houses being built on the jam works site there will be more traffic and more congestion on a narrowed road which used to be two lanes before being narrowed. Great to provide more cycle lanes but create the space to do it without creating the risk to all road users.

  9. Why bother with new pop up cycle lanes when the vast majority ride on the pavement, another green monster idea what’s not been thought through, just like bus lanes, an empty lane for 15 minutes until the bus comes along, outside lane big tailback of cars at rush hour

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