Buckton Vale Primary create Remembrance Garden

PUPILS at Buckton Vale Primary have created a Remembrance Garden at their school in Carrbrook.

And they have dedicated to fallen soldiers Sean Dawson and Joey Etchells.

Sean was a former pupil while Joey went to sister school Mossley Hollins but had family connections with Buckton Vale.

Headteacher Deborah Brown said: “It is absolutely fabulous, and we are very proud of it.

“All the children across the school have been involved in the production of art-based work while learning about the soldiers and animals who died during the war.”

Councillor Jan Jackson performed the official opening of the Remembrance Garden days before this year’s commemorations.

She praised teachers Joanne Cherry and Wendy Thompson who had worked hard with each class to create the garden.

“This will be a reminder of the sacrifices made by generations before us to give us our lives today,” she said.


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