Stalybridge park left in ‘disgusting state’ after ‘Bonfire Night gathering’

COUNCIL workers have been left to tidy up the mess after reports of a gathering of youths on Bonfire Night.

People woke to find cans, bottles, fireworks and other rubbish strewn across Cheetham’s Park in Stalybridge.

There were reports of more than 100 people attending the area last night. Now Tameside Council is at the scene clearing up the aftermath.

Photos by Sarah Combs

13 Replies to “Stalybridge park left in ‘disgusting state’ after ‘Bonfire Night gathering’”

  1. Never in a million years will teenagers pick up thier rubbish and take it to a bin….. I am a 33 year old male and just like everyone reading this comment i was once a teenager. This is not news, the council should have a portion of their budget set aside for cleaning up teenage related rubbish, it’s not rocket science and it’s not news worthy. It is part of growing up, going to the park with your school mates, stop being so ignorant to the fact that you were once a teenager! I hate the way the UK has become a nation of curtain twitchers and judges! No person on the planet is whiter than white!

    1. Wasnt a bonfire night it was a send off for someone who mostly everyone knew , these adults acc need to have some respect it’s disgusting shae died and all we hear off use is that he deserved to die when he didn’t , think before you say something

    2. My teenagers will be respectful and other teenagers I know are so your comment is full of shit and i can only imagine the kind of children you have or will have!!🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. This wasn’t a bonfire night gathering this was a send off to my friend shae who sadly passed away, I think it’s disgusting you all think it’s disgusting know you’re shit then post it

    1. Wasn’t just a “car crash” tho was it?! He was driving recklessly away from police after committing burglary which could have resulted in him killing innocent motorists, pedestrians so yes it’s very sad he died but if he wasn’t doing what he was doing then he would be here. Imagine he’d have crashed into another car with small children in and killed them?!

  3. Whatever the reason for the gathering surely you can still take your rubbish with you and the moron saying teenagers don’t clear up, 🤦🏻‍♀️ well no, not with dick heads like you encouraging them to be
    disrespectful!! There were adults there yes?? Why couldn’t they clear their shit up??

    1. It’s been all over social media that they had no intention of cleaning up the rubbish.
      When police broke it up they even threw fireworks into the police cars and at the police.
      Not normal behaviour if you ask me.

    2. Listen if the police didn’t turn up everything would of got done but u get all u muppets postin on here like it was all us it was ur daft police force u muppet

  4. Just a bunch of scruffs who CLEARLY have no respect for anyone, the environment or the law!! It’s very very sad that a young man has lost his life but if he wasn’t in a stolen car trying to get away from police after being part of a burglary and he’d been brought up to be a respectful, law abiding citizen then I’m pretty certain he’d still be alive!! There’s no way on gods earth will my children grow up like that or be associated with! Controversial view which lots of people agree with but are just too scared to say 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Without been rude but take abit of respect it were one night to remember someone who passed away fuck the reason behind his sad passing and stop moaning about rubbish that can be picked up his life and all there friendships can’t be picked up .

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