Mossley Town Council working hard for community despite Covid limitations

MOSSLEY Town Council is still working hard for the community despite limitations due to coronavirus restrictions, insists chairman Frank Travis.

Cllr Travis highlighted at the October meeting of the Town Council that many usual events and initiatives have been disrupted or cancelled.

Cllr Frank Travis

But he confirmed the elected members are still working on projects and plans, alongside local groups and organisations where possible, on behalf of the community.

He said: “We have got ambition, ideas and plans on things that are quite wide-ranging. We are still working on them and a lot of hard work is going on behind the scenes.

“Some plans are shelved for the foreseeable future but others we can work on with partners to achieve, some now and some after Christmas.

“No one is more frustrated than we are at not being able to get on with things but we want to let people know we’re still trying our best.”

The annual Christmas switch-ons and events look unlikely to go ahead due to current government guidelines.

Mossley Christmas lights switch on back in 2019 looks unlikely to go ahead

But the Town Council is speaking to local groups and organisations to plan some form of celebration instead for the community to enjoy.

They are also working on other projects such as plans for Egmont Street playing fields alongside Mossley AFC as well as setting up tree and wildflower planting schemes across the area.

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