Tony goes the extra mile

Correspondent editor Tony Bugby quite literally had to go the extra mile while running the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday, October 4.

Tony, in fact, ran more than 28 miles instead of the familiar 26.2 due to a technical mishap.Runners had to record their run on a special app to verify they have completed it, but Tony encountered problems when his mobile phone died after four-and-a-half hours.

He had to divert two miles to home to charge his phone – those miles did not clock on the app – and then resume to complete the remaining five miles.

Tony, who ran the 11-mile Middlewood Way from Stockport to Macclesfield and back, and a further loop, was not alone as he encountered about one dozen other London runners on the disused former railway line.

The 36,000 finishers made it the world’s biggest ever virtual marathon and for Tony it was the 27th time he has completed the London Marathon.

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