Town councillors voice opposition to Fleece flats

TWO town councillors have voiced their opposition to a proposed block of flats being built behind a Mossley pub.

Cllrs Martin Stimson and Stephen Homer claim the site is not suitable for five one-bedroomed properties to the rear of The Fleece on Stamford Street.

Land earmarked for development behind The Fleece in Mossley

Cllr Stimson pointed to the lack of outdoor space for the flats and shortage of parking.

He said: “It would be nice to tidy up this land, but I do not like what is being proposed.

“The planning report points out there is nearby parking, but there is very little parking on the streets.”

Cllr Homer, meanwhile, raised the issue of amenities, pointing out pavements are cluttered with bins from existing flats.

He said: “You are talking about five flats and four bins at each of them.

“I have raised the issue of bins storage with Tameside Council and neighbours are already sick to death seeing contaminated bins spewing black bags.

“It has already attracted fly-tipping with a fridge dumped on the street. There is vermin with rats seen on Arundel Street.”

Cllr Homer also raised the parking issues with extra cars likely from the occupants of the flats.

John Dodd, of John Dodd Property, which is based at The Fleece, has applied to Tameside Council for permission construct the flats on land behind the pub.

Cllr Stimson added the lack of street parking in Top Mossley remains a major problem.

He added one solution would be have a new parking scheme for the Market Ground.

Cllr Stimson favours something similar to nearby Uppermill where visitors are given three hours free parking.

He said: “We want people to use local shops yet on Stamford Street you have double parking.

“We need to get traffic off the streets and free parking on the Market Ground would be an ideal solution.

“I have mentioned it to Tameside Council but have come up against a block.”

Tameside Council have previously pointed out they were carrying out a review of parking in the borough.

Cllr Stimson fears the Market Ground car park could be sold for development.

“The council’s review is about the viability of car parks yet the ticket machine on the Market Ground has not worked for more than four months so that is going to influence its viability,” he said.

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