Buying and selling made easy with Tameside Property Buyers

TAMESIDE Property Buyers offer an alternative to selling your home through a traditional estate agent.

The Mossley-based business, formed by Meghan Thomas and Greg Lobejko two years ago, provides a different strategy with the aim of making the buying and selling of property easier for everyone.

Tameside Property Buyers

They point out the traditional way of selling property can be stressful and a time-consuming process with no guarantee that your property will ever sell, troublesome when you need a quick sale.

Tameside Property Buyers make the process easier by accelerating the sale of property saving you time and money as they organise all aspects of the sale from the purchase to the solicitor making it as quick and simple as possible.

Their niche is also helping provide solutions for those confronted by difficult circumstances,
Examples of those they work with are those in financial difficulties, people who need to sell an inherited property, sales that have fallen through, people with property which has been left empty or needs repair work, accidental landlords and those looking to downsize.

Meghan said: “We’re a solutions focused property business, working to facilitate a quick sale for those who need to sell their property and getting the price people need for their home, whatever the reason of sale.

“We are ethical in our approach and work with people in our local community to solve their property problems.”

Meghan added they will buy any property in any condition.

Tameside Property Buyers

She explained: “We can also offer a property refurbishment solution, where we will refurbish a property at our cost to help the seller achieve the best sale price and we get paid once the house is sold.

“A lot of people aren’t aware that you don’t have to sell your house with an estate agent and not everyone has the time to go through this lengthy process or can afford to.

“We don’t charge any fees and pay for the seller’s legal fees. We work to eliminate the middle-men, cutting the extra costs for sellers and still getting them the price they need.”Tameside Property Buyers follow three simple steps.They offer a free valuation, provide an offer within 24 hours which, if accepted, can see the full amount paid in as little as two weeks.

They point out their average sale time is three weeks whereas they say for a typical estate agent it is six months.

Tameside Property Buyers added because the process takes longer with an estate agent, there can be lots of additional costs.

Find out more online or find them on Facebook: or call 0161 818 2994.


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